SPCA Penang

Change the path of lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals’ lives

The Problem

For every licensed dog, there are approximately 4 stray animals out there.

Many of them are suffering every day. Animals need help, but they can’t speak for themselves.

The Solution

SPCA Penang is a temporary animal shelter to help the sick, injured and unwanted. We provide temporary care for healthy, abandoned and unwanted animals until a home is found.

SPCA also plays a role to educate the public about responsibility towards their pets.

How It Works

Provide proper care for sick, injured and unwanted animals.

Prevent cruelty towards animals, physically & mentally.

Educate the public about an ethical attitude in raising animals and encourage responsible pet ownership.

How You Can Get In Involved with SPCA Penang

Be a part of SPCA to help prevent cruelty & provide care to animals. You will receive regular newsletters from SPCA as well.

Help us to look after the animals, run events, awareness campaigns,
fundraising, and even do
administration work.

Donate any amount, large or small to help a dog or a cat to get clean food, fresh water & safe shelter. This helps us to cover operation costs at SPCA.

Help to foster young puppies / kittens for a period of time until they can be vaccinated and placed for adoption.

Find a great companion for life!
Adopt one, instead of
buying a pet.

Support us by purchasing our merchandise for yourself or as gifts. Help us to help them.