Be a Volunteer

BE A VOLUNTEER AT THE SPCA – there are lots of things to do from bathing to socializing with the animals at the pound. Washing and painting of SPCA premises and kennels etc. You can also be of help in some adminstrative work.

HELP IN OUR FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES – organize projects such as walkathon, dogathon, treasure hunt, fashion show, food fairs, cinema shows, dinner & dance etc.

HELP IN OTHER (CONTINUOUS) FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN – collect recycleable items such newspapers, aluminium cans, cardboard, plastic containers etc and donate these items to SPCA to raise funds.

PURCHASE AND PROMOTE SPCA MERCHANDISE – purchase SPCA merchandise as gifts/souvenirs and promote them to family/friends.

PROMOTE THE WORK OF SPCA – by creating public awareness, spread the word around on the work of SPCA. Promote kindness to animals and stop animal abuse and neglect.

BRIEFING – all new volunteers are required to attend a volunteers briefing session. These are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 9am sharp at our premises (excluding Public Holidays).

PLEASE NOTE: the date of the next briefing session is shown in the calendar to the right. If you are keen to join us as a volunteer, please complete this form to sign up:

Which aspects of voluntary work would you be most interested in? (you can select more than one)

Although we make every effort to find homes for animals in our care, there are instances when an animal becomes unadoptable and is euthanised humanely 'put to sleep'.

(Volunteers are expected to come in on the day (3rd Saturday) they choose to attend the volunteer briefing. Please do not wait for acceptance.  Walk in registrations are welcome too.)


Below are two articles from volunteers plus a gallery of their photos (click on any image to start the slide show):



From a volunteer:“My boyfriend and I (English couple) were visiting Penang and found out online about the SPCA shelter and emailed to see if we could pop by. We spent 2 days at the shelter walking the dogs and then a couple of hours each day playing with the younger dogs and puppies who could not be taken outside the shelter. The vet students working there informed us that the dogs do not get taken outside the shelter if nobody volunteers – which instantly made us realise the importance of people stopping by! There are not many dogs, so even a couple of hours of anybodies time would be worthwhile here to get the dogs out and about. Each dog was so excited when they saw the lead and that they were going to be taken on a walk – some can be walked for longer and some are scared of the roads and need some extra care. We really enjoyed our time here and felt like we brightened up the furry friends’ days! I hope volunteers continue to help out here and socialise with the dogs. In turn, maybe they can all be re homed sooner :)” – Rachel Walker (UK)

And from Celine Soo, one of our young volunteers: “The SPCA Penang is a great place that you can volunteer to help and play with the animals! I live in Australia but every summer Holidays I come back to Malaysia to help at the SPCA Penang because I love volunteering and my paw friends love me!! The purpose of volunteering is not just fun but the dogs need to be taken out and played with and the cats need to be played with. Imagine how boring it would be to just sit in your cage all day with nothing to do and no one coming to play with you!!!!