Successful Adoptions

Successful Adoptions

It is heartening when we receive stories from people who are very happy with the pets they adopted from SPCA and update us on how their pets are doing in their homes.

Tomato is my name!
Fostering Luna & Jimy
Tipy’s New Best Friend
Spring exercising a SPCA volunteer
Lili’s story – a happy ending
Salsa’s story – and comments on non-pedigree dogs
Tasha’s success story
How we adopted Smiley and the joy she gave to my family
Nero’s adoption story
Sapphire’s adoption
Riko’s adoption
A Matter of Sugar, Spice and Salt – Confessions of a Dog Owner
The Story of Us & Hobo

Here are photos of adoptions over the years. Click on any of the images to start full slide show.

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