Understanding Adoption Costs

The Importance of Adoption Fees in Animal Care Ensuring Quality Care for Our Pets

Adoption fees play a vital role in maintaining the health and welfare of our animals,
providing them with necessary medical care, shelter, and daily needs.

Breakdown of Adoption Fees

For Dog Lovers

  • Female Dog (not spayed):

RM300 Minimum
Includes a RM200 refundable
spaying deposit.

  • Female Dog (Spayed):

RM200-RM300 Minimum

  • Male Dog:

RM150 Minimum

  • Breed Dogs:

Fee varies, RM300-RM500 Minimum

For Cat Enthusiasts

  • Female Cat (not spayed):

RM300 Minimum
Includes a RM200 refundable
spaying deposit.

  • Male Cat (not castrated):

RM200 Minimum
Includes a RM100 refundable castration

  • Neutered Cats:

RM100-RM200 Minimum

The deposits noted above will be refunded once proof of neutering by a vet is
forwarded to SPCA Penang, failing which the deposit will be forfeited.

What Your Adoption Fee Includes

Comprehensive Care from Day One

Your fee covers initial vaccination(s), deworming, defleaing, and deticking, ensuring your new pet is healthy and happy from the moment they join your family.

Supporting Animal Welfare

Adoption fees help us provide the best possible care for all our animals, reflecting our commitment to their health and happiness.

Find Your New Companion

Explore Our Pet Profiles

Discover your perfect match by reviewing the detailed profiles of our adoptable cats and dogs.

Join Our Mission

By choosing to adopt, you not only gain a loving family member but also contribute to a greater cause, supporting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.