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Did you know you could be a member of SPCA?? We have four different categories.

About Becoming a Member:

  • Ordinary membership – age 18 and up, RM20 per year
  • Life membership – age 18 and up, RM150 one time payment
  • Junior membership – age 12 to 18, RM10 per year
  • Corporate membership – RM100 per year

As a member you will receive a minimum of two SPCA newsletters per year by email and the SPCA Annual Report. Plus you will be advised of upcoming fundraising events, etc. Not to mention your contribution helps support SPCA! Application form is shown below.

BE A MEMBER OF THE SPCA – be a life member, ordinary member, corporate or a junior member. Help us to spread the message of responsible pet ownership. If you are keen to join us as a member, please complete this form:

Membership Application

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We will contact you soon about payment. Please email ( a scan of your passport photograph. Thank you