Cremation / Burial Options


SPCA is also providing a service to remove carcasses from pet owners’ premises be it for burial or private cremation. We will not collect any carcass of more than 2 days old. These are options you can choose from:

1. For carcass collection service by the SPCA kindly call 042816559/016-4166559 for arrangement of time. You will be charged for the transport in addition to the disposal of the carcass be it for burial or private cremation.

2. Should you wish to have funeral rites performed at your home for your pet, you can also visit this website to make arrangements with:

All carcasses should be properly packed upon collection. Otherwise, an extra charge will be levied for packing. Kindly note that this is not a compulsory service of the society. However, this additional service is to help pet owners removed carcasses in a proper manner. The SPCA reserves the right to refuse collection if found inappropriate.

Cost will be advised when you call us.