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Sapphire’s adoption

Sapphire’s adoption

Hear from the perspective of an adopted cat….Malay Cat Manor

By…Sapphire (MEOW!!)

“Hi all you readers of SPCA Penang. Let me introduce myself, I’m Sapphire and as you can see from my photograph below I’m facing the horrors of a blank page. Perhaps an introduction may help get the creative juices flowing.

“I am about two and a half years old, my exact age is a bit of a mystery since mum and dad forgot to register me. I am described as a short haired tortoiseshell tabby, although as we all know some descriptions can be so understating. I will confess to a slight piece missing from my left ear; this is a universal way of identification meaning I am a neutered feline. I prefer to describe myself as bright eyed, with a tail to die for. My coat is the latest creation from Catatonic with the fur finished in smooth sheen with regular striping. I have the most loveable personality and drive men wild when I rub up against their legs. Earlier this year I changed my name from Shuckie, sounded a bit yuckie, to Sapphire which matches my gorgeous pink tongue and sparkling personality.

“I was born in Penang and spent the first year or so touring Georgetown where kind people supplemented my meagre diet. From there I moved to Jalan Jeti Jelutong and was resident with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where I was lovingly looked after by the dedicated staff and volunteers. My latest move is to a residence in Tanjung Bungah which I have named ‘Malay Cat Manor’.

“In April 2007, under the SPCA Adoption Programme, I adopted Eileen and Bob. The arrangement is working out pretty well; Eileen takes care of my medical and beauty requirements; coat conditioning, ear cleaning, pill dispensing and bathing, and yes ladies do we not hate water!

“Bob looks after my diet, not very well I might add since I have heaved on 2 kilos in the past six months and don’t we girls know how difficult it is to shed these pounds; he also looks after massage and is not too bad at the forehead stroke and under chin scratch but he has a long way to go on the back rub. Finally he looks after entertainment but again falls short of expectations since he has great difficulty in retrieving balls from under the treadmill, I suspect it’s a human thing to do with age? We all know how difficult it is to get good staff but I am hopeful that there will be a marked improvement over the coming months when I introduce my new training programme.

“Being a Malaysian cat my natural language is Bahasa although time spent around the Quays has given me a smattering of Hokkien. I now have to learn English in order to communicate with my adopted family; this is being made doubly difficult since Eileen and Bob are Scottish. I really should have done a more thorough job when screening the candidates for adoption.

“Most days are spent in a frenzy of activity. My favourite pastime is to lie on a goose down duvet with the warm sun filtering through the window onto my face and tummy and feel the gentle breeze of the air con on my back. Other activities include rolling on the floor, sharpening claws on the tree stump; yes I have my own tree stump, Paris Hilton eat your heart out; stretching and yawning. At midnight I really come alive and love running and jumping all over the mansion however this is not greeted with much enthusiasm by Eileen and Bob.

“All in all, adopting a human can be a rewarding experience leading to fun filled days and long exciting nights.

“To adopt a human, direct suitable candidates; kindly go to the SPCA website where on selecting ADOPTION and then ADOPTION GALLERY they will be able to see your photographs. This allows the human to move to the next step “a Personal Visit” contact the SPCA on 04 281 6559 to check opening times; the address is Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang.

“It is important during visits not to raise the human’s expectations too high and that they may need to make several visits before being adopted. We animals have very high standards and require to loved and appreciated before we chose to make an adoption commitment. When you visit SPCA please say Hello to Trico, haven’t managed to see her for a while.

“Good luck in being adopted.