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Lili’s story – a happy ending

Lili’s story – a happy ending


Last year, talking to a friend she told us that there were some puppies in SPCA that needed a Foster family for a few weeks to help them to get stronger and happier.


Since we already have a female dog we hesitated at first but then went there the same day to pick her up. We followed all the directions that were giving to us and tried our best to not get too attached.



Aikira, our dog, instantly acted as a mother taking care of the puppy, that by then (on the way home) we had named Lili. The weeks went by and the day came when we needed to return Lili to the SPCA. It was then that we realized that we were a much happier family with Lili and that she was already a part of our family.


We officially adopted Lili and celebrate that day as her birthday (my children love to celebrate dog’s birthday with a meat cake included).


Thank you SCPA for bringing Lili into our life!


Doege Family