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  Dear Members and Friends,


Good greetings to all!

Migration of pets

We often get requests to rehome pets where pet owners need to migrate to another place be it local or overseas. We also get reports where pets are left abandoned by their owners too when they leave Malaysia! This can be very traumatic to the pets especially when they are left at shelters. They can be subjected to lots of stress and depression as well. At the SPCA, we highly recommend that expatriates/foreigners don’t indulge in adopting pets if they are not staying permanently in Malaysia. Of course we would have no qualms should one be able to promise us that the pet adopted will be leaving together with you to your home country. People who are unable to take their pet back when they leave should consider volunteering their time to help out at shelters, or foster animals. We are delighted indeed when adopters can guarantee  to take their pet home with them whenever they leave.

We are very happy to receive an email note as below from our adopter who adopted Tofu now named Toffi.

Dear SPCA team 

We adopted Toffi 2 years ago from you.(October 24th 2020) She was formerly called Tofu.

Toffi adapted really well into Germany, Regensburg. Here it's so easy to bring your dog almost everywhere (bakery ,shops, all restaurants, bus....all allowed).

As we are living next to a river she really likes to look for the fishes. The water is crystal clear, but of course not as warm as the ocean where she used to swim in Penang. She is missing the monkeys but always looks for the squirrels. The monitor lizard she was chasing in Penang changed now into rabbit and deer.

The only thing she's really struggling with is the weather. Hopefully she will get a winter fur.

We are super happy that we could bring her with us though the paper work for the flight was a lot, but the transition worked fine for her. She came with Qatar Airways”. 



Animal Adoptions

We have been inundated with calls to receive unwanted animals daily. However, our rate of adoption for the month does not match the numbers received. Do consider adopting. Five dogs and seven cats left the shelter in October.



Community Service

The Private Higher Education Institution Act 1996 (Act 555) specifies that every private higher education institution offer the General Studies/Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) compulsory subjects. In compliance with Section 43(3) Act 555, these units are mandatory for both international and Malaysian students to enable them to graduate.

We are overwhelmed with requests from colleges and university students requesting to do their part in volunteering at NGOs. Animal shelters like ours are always in need of a helping hand. This will also help to groom them as having a pet has become part of our daily lives. And most of all, to understand what animal welfare and responsible pet ownership is about.

In October:

Students from Inti College Diploma in Computer Science came to donate food and clean the kennel roof:

Another group from Inti came later in the month:
Ten students from Han Chiang College spent a day with us helping out:
Students from Segi College visit for their Community Service:


Jumble Sale on Saturdays (only)
Do drop by for your best buy if you do need some items that are as good as new. Time: 10-12 noon on Saturdays. What do we have for sale: lovely items of clothes, Electrical items: Rice cookers, coffee maker, slow cooker, steam boiler, water boiler and irons. For pets: Litter box, pampers and pet carrier bags for small breed dogs and cats. Make a date with us!


Volunteer Briefing
Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 19th November. Time: 9.30 a.m. at the SPCA premises. Do sign in here only on that month that you are able to attend. Thank you.


SPCA Wish List

1. We love to receive requests to purchase and help promote our 2023 Desktop calendars. Funds raised from the sale will help neuter our shelter animals and TNR for stray cats. This will also help provide neutering vouchers to pet owners from the low income group. You can drop by to purchase or buy online at our shop.


2. Many stray kittens of a young age are brought in. We love to receive Whiskas Kitten pouch food for juniors. Also needed is 1.2 kg Pedigree can food for the dogs

3. Washing detergents, floor powders, brushes, lidi brooms etc are most welcome.


We appreciate any pet food and rice sent in.


Thank you