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Dear Members and Friends,


Greetings from the SPCA Penang!


Very seldom we hear of cats and dogs living in harmony. If they do, thumbs up for their respective owners who give much of their time nurturing these two paw species. It amazes us to see our TNR Cat named INKY, who we released within our compound, living in harmony with our shelter dogs. He would once in a while have a fight with his own and chases them when they are near him. With dogs, he reacts differently. Inky would not be worried by them, and goes around visiting them in their kennels or sits with any who are not bothered. Here is one classical incidence which we watched for a while. 'Jessel' is a new dog just surrendered to us and is indeed very timid and would tremble when oany of us goes near. Dogs of this nature can take time to adjust to humans. As for Inky, he is without fear or flight.



Animal Adoption

The month of August gave us eleven empty kennel and cattery spaces. However, they were quickly filled up again. 'Carbon' surprised us with a second chance new found home. We hope her new owner is happy with her. Our kennel staff hope that she changes her habit of  being 'too talkative' and does not become a nuisance to her neighborhood.



Community Service
With so many months of the ongoing MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER, we understand that schools and other education institutions are very careful with the SOP requirements laid out. We have not yet been able to receive volunteers for group community service. However, we were delighted to receive these two ladies from the Boys Brigade whom had to fulfill their 40 hours each of community service. Thank you ladies (Cheah Sim Hoey & Lum Yuin Yi).


Homemade Mooncakes & Biscuits Available
The mid-autumn festival is near. We have supplies of Low Sugar Homemade Moon Cakes and Biscuits for Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians. If you would like to support, kindly place your orders  by calling us 042816559 or emailing at info@spca-penang.net. We appreciate your kind support. Please order latest  by August 23 and collection on August 28.
Early orders accepted.


2021 SPCA Penang Desktop Calendar
Each year, we print our very own calendars for sale as a means of fundraising. Funds from this project will be channeled into our neutering fund to help vaccinate and neuter shelter animals while in our care. We would like to thank all the sponsors for making this happen and now we need the support from all of you to purchase or help promote the sale. Each calendar is priced at RM10/-. These can be great gifts for your family, friends and associates. Do drop by our shelter to purchase! Free delivery for any orders of 20 and above within town limits. You can order online at our shop which includes delivery by Poslaju. 


Foster Families Needed
These 6 cuties need foster homes for a few weeks until they are ready for vaccinations. Can you help? Please call us on 042816559.


Volunteer Briefing
Our next Volunteer Briefing will be held on 19th September at 9 a.m. sharp. Places for this briefing date are filled up. We expect those who signed up to be punctual and should there be any cancellation, kindly let us know early so as to allow others on the wait list to fill up the place. You can register online for future briefings in October and beyond here.


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