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Edition: April 2022

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Our phone is manned 7 days a week until 7pm. Emergency calls will only be handled during daylight hours.

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Dear Members & Friends, 


Good greetings to all!

It is true, and many will agree, when we say that having one pet or more at home will provide us mental health support. Pet owners who behave as parents will go all out to give their pet the best. One will be amazed at the many treats and accessories available now and they are spoilt for choice.

This is testimonial when we receive lots of these brought in after a pet has passed away. Our shelter animals really enjoy them. They too can be spoilt for choice and we notice their likes and dislikes. For pets with skin allergies, it is best not to keep changing their food or treats unless advised by your veterinarian. Would you like to try making your own treats which might suit your dog with skin allergies? This dog treats recipe has been tried and we hope that it goes well for your pet too - click here for the recipe. If you have any recipes you'd like to share, do forward to info@spca-penang.net. Thank you.



Volunteer Briefing

Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 16th April. Please take note that we have permanently changed the time of the briefings to begin at 9.30 a.m. sharp. Registration for attending the briefing is limited. We'd like to remind those interested to kindly make sure that the date and time suits you before signing in. You can register for briefings here.  Please note attending a briefing is compulsory for all new volunteers.Thank you.


From our last briefing


Animal Adoptions

We feel so happy to receive photos and news of how our adoptees  are doing in their new loving homes - in March we had news & photos of Maisie & Pecan and you can find these on our social media. We'd love to get more from adopters so do please send updates & photos via our social media pages (facebook & instagram). We sincerely hope to see more caring pet people coming in to adopt and save the lives of many who are still waiting at shelters.

In March, six cats and seven dogs found homes. Raisin, our longest stay resident at over three years, has finally found a new home leaving us with a heavy heart. Raisin was not keen to move out of our gate and had to be coaxed and gently carried out!!



Community Service

Though we are still at the Covid 19 endemic stage, we thank students from Segi College, the POWIIS and the Boys Brigade for helping out with the cleaning activities and interacting with the cats and dogs at the shelter. Their presence was indeed commendable. The students from Segi College also helped collect funds towards the society.


On March 30, SPCA in collaboration with students from KDU COLLEGE held a virtual event with students and members of the public. Topics touched on were animal abuse and other matters relating to animal welfare. Due to time constraints, we were not able to answer all questions. The participants were invited to send in their queries direct via email. We thank the team at KDU for organizing the event for the benefit of all present.


We continue to receive the service from the teachers and students from POWIIS Balik Pulau every Friday. We also welcomed the visit by students and teachers of Straits International School on March 24.  Straits International School has also started their fundraising campaign for SPCA.

Photos of POWIIS students


Fundraising Campaigns by Students of TARUC

The e-fundraising campaigns organized by the students from the various course studies ended at the end of March and was a great success. The total sum raised was RM6180. SPCA appreciates their tremendous support and efforts put in towards the success of these campaigns. In recognition of their hard work, the society presented each with a Certificate of Appreciation. The amount raised by each individual group is as follows (funds were collected via SimplyGiving - our profile can be viewed here.):


RM1010 - Students from Diploma in Finance & Investment DFI1Y1S3 – BARK4LIFE

RM1195- Students of Diploma in International Business DINIS3G3 – FROM ME2YOU

RM610 - Students of Diploma in Computer Science (DCS2S3G2 - PAWSITIVITY

RM568 - Students of Diploma in Broadcast Communications  DBNY2S3G1 – PAWRADISE

RM600 - Students of Diploma in Information System DISY2S3G1- PET-PAWS-RESCUE

RM1420 - Students of Diploma in Business Administration Year 1 Semester 3 –LENDHANDS4PAWS

RM777 - Students of Diploma in Information Technology DFT3 - PAWSOME 


SPCA Wish List

SPCA’s monthly expenditure is approximately RM20,000. We are always in need of things be it in cash, kind or in service. If you're not sure how you can help, one can always email us at info@spca-penang.net or call us at 04-2816559. We will be glad to guide you.


Thank you all and STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY