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Issued: December 1, 2013


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We welcome visitors to the shelter.

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Lately, we have been receiving reports of many pets either being lost or found by someone. Some maybe lucky and reunited with their families, some are being kept by the finder and some may be left roaming and wandering in the streets, markets and housing areas in search for food. From our findings, most owners are found to be careless and most of the time they expect their pets would not roam far but would know how to return on their own. SPCA hopes that pet owners exercise more care in particularly when house owners open their gates to move in and out. Please make sure that your pet dog is seen to (especially when they are left in the compound freely) before you open or press the button of your auto gate. They are prone to dashing out of the compound especially when they are not trained to stay inside.

Should you leave your pet with someone while you are away, do ensure that the person you entrust your animal with should know your pet well. Perhaps, allow your pet to explore his new environment sometime ahead before you leave him behind with someone.

There are some immediate steps one should take if you find your pet goes missing:

a) Consult the SPCA giving particulars of your dog. We have a blog on our website where you can post at no cost.
b) Visit animal shelters/animal pounds in your area. By visiting the Shelter, you will be able to identify your own dog, whereas descriptions given over the telephone can often differ from the actual description of the animal in the kennels.
c) Look around in your neighbourhood.
d) Check with any vets in your area, as your pet could have been taken to the vet if it was involved in an accident.
e) Place an advertisement in your local newspapers preferable with a photo of your pet.

On the other hand, when you have found a pet that you believe has gone missing, never keep it unless you inform the authorities for you may end up being accused of stealing. It is not your right to keep a lost pet. Not only that, you will also make the rightful owner distraught as well as the pet. Bear in mind that this could happen to you and how would you feel if your beloved pet has gone missing.

Even if you are genuine in wanting to help the pet by keeping it for a while until the owner is found, the least you can do is, make a report to the Police, SPCA or at least notify veterinary clinics in your area. The chance of getting the pet reunited is possible.

To date this year, SPCA has successfully reunited 15 dogs. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reunite any cats reported lost.

Puppies dumped in a big box outside SPCA

On two different occasions during the month of November, 11 puppies were dumped in a big box outside SPCA. The manner in which the puppies were packed indicates that it came from the same owner. This is not the first time the owner dumped the puppies on us as we are certain that the same was recorded in March this year. SPCA wishes that the owner learns his lesson and have the bitch spayed so that the lives of these unwanted litters can be avoided.

As of now, we have managed to rehome 122 cats and dogs in 2013. This is nothing to be proud of compared to the number of animals received, picked and collected so far which stands at 1652 for the year and 193 in November. Obviously, the percentage rate for adoption is hardly 10%. We wish we could find many, many more forever homes for the healthy and adoptable animals waiting at the shelter.

Check this article on why you should adopt a shelter dog.

For adoption, do come, visit the shelter and meet our paw friends waiting for forever homes.
Just some of the dogs waiting for forever homes - Niha, Alban, Jazper, Rini, Shinnie, Merida and Giza


The year 2013 is almost ending. Following our recent email reminders, we wish to again remind our Junior, Ordinary and Corporate Members to renew their memberships with the society for the year if they have not done so. Your membership will indeed help the society in many ways.

SPCA is keen to welcome new members to the society. Should any like minded individual interested in animal welfare and would like to take an active role in the work of the society, we would be happy to hear from you. Do drop by at our office.

We wish to remind all our members and friends again that effective 1st December, 2013 our email address at spca4060@streamyx.com will no longer be active. Kindly divert all emails to spcapg@pd.jaring.my or info@spca-penang.net. Subscribers to our newsletter etc. using @streamyx.com or @tm.net.my email addresses are advised to inform us of their new email address so as not to miss our circulation of SPCA mass mailing emails etc.

SPCA Booth at IWA Christmas Bazaar - 23rd Nov. 2013

Thanks to IWA again for giving us the opportunity to showcase SPCA at their recent IWA Christmas Bazaar held at Straits Quay in Tanjong Tokong. SPCA had its booth filled with many gift items fit for Christmas and other items for friends, dear ones and paw friends too.

SPCA Booth at Agilent Technologies Parents Week - 12th-14th Nov. 2013

Our sincere thanks to Agilent Technologies for allowing us to set up a booth in its cafeteria during this internal event at its Bayan Lepas factory.

Holiday Workshop for kids on Responsible Pet Ownership at SPCA. Time 2.30 p.m. till 4.30 p.m.

Educating the young is always a good way to start with on Responsible Pet Ownership especially when they are fascinated with cuddly cute puppies. SPCA has tailored a 2 hour workshop for kids of ages 9 till 12 years old. Here, the participants will be taught on their responsibilities as a pet owner bearing in mind the 5 Freedoms as passed under the International Declaration for Animal Welfare(IDAW). A hands-on demonstration on socializing as well as recognizing signs of a healthy/unhealthy pet etc. will be taught.

We are open for registration for 4th and 11th Dec. Places for 18th December are very limited. For further queries, please call the office at 2816559. Parents are also welcome!

Pet Care Awareness & Fundraising Festival at USM -14th December, 2013

USM Chinese Language and the Community Service Society together with SPCA will be showcasing animal welfare issues at the USM. This will be a day festival where there will be a coloring competition for primary school kids in the morning and stage performances by the USM students in the evening. You can download the entrance forms for the coloring competition here.

Exhibition on Universal Human Values by Penang Sathya Sai Baba

We are invited by the Penang Sathya Sai Coordinating Committee to set up an exhibition booth on the work carried out by the society. The exhibition on Universal Human Values is open to all and their main objective is to promote Universal Human Values such as TRUTH, LOVE, EACH, RIGHT CONDUCT AND NON VIOLENCE. As laid out, Human Values are closely integrated with human life. No human life is possible without values and every living human being lives by certain values. It is only the proportion and combination of negative and positive values which separates a noble human being from a not so noble human being.

Come and visit us at our booth and get to know more about us. The exhibition will operate from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Dewan Sri Penang. There will be performances, drama and talks from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. An anticipated crowd of 2000 people are expected and the event will be graced by the Chief Minister of Penang.

City Walk 1.1.14 In Conjunction with 'City Day'

We are honored to be invited to the above event by Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang. This 'City Walk' event organized by MPPP together with Penang Adventurers' Club will be held on 1.1.14 at 8 a.m. It is open to all members of the public young and old.

This will be a 5km walk through the streets of Georgetown passing through Heritage sites. Registration for the walk is open till 14th December. To register, please log on to www.pac.com.my or mppp.gov.my to download the registration forms. Entry fee is RM10 for 13 yrs old and above and RM5 for 5 to 12 yrs old. Free for children below 5 years. There will be lucky draws for the participants, games and entertainment throughout the morning from 7 a.m. till 11 a.m. It is a good way to start the New Year with a walk. Bring your family and visitors along to the event.

SPCA will be there to create awareness on Responsible Pet Ownership as well as selling of our merchandise. As our staff will be involved at the City Walk event, kindly take note that our office will be closed to the public on 1.1.2014.


Christmas is just around the corner! If you are still planning and do not know what to buy, please visit our on-line shop at http://merchandise.spca-penang.net and let your fingers do the shopping. You could also email to place your orders or come direct to the shelter to purchase as well as visit our paw friends waiting for forever homes.

To all our Members and Friends, SPCA TEAM & Paw Friends at the shelter wish all A HAPPY X'MAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014