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Edition: November 2016


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Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. (604)2816559 (6016)4166559
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Web: www.spca-penang.net

We welcome visitors to the shelter.

Kindly note our visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm

Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

Our phone is manned 7 days a week until 7pm. Emergency calls will only be handled during daylight hours.



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Behold! Not every animal that enters a shelter can be lucky to be found a home. Every dog/cat that enters a shelter has their own problems be it with the owner or the pet animal. The most common question which people ask is how long will you keep? There is no duration as to how long we can keep. In our situation where the population of strays keeps increasing, it is impossible to keep all animals alive. The sad reality is that we do not want to face reality and be practical about it. The best we can do is to continue educating the general public and pet owners to be more responsible towards keeping their pet. Local government should be working closely with all NGOs dealing with animal welfare as to taking measures on ways to curb the increasing population of strays. Dumping of animals in shelters available within the community is not a solution. No one shelter with a 'no kill' policy will keep continuing receiving animals. A 'no kill' shelter will possibly pick and choose what they could take and what will happen to the rest who are rejected? They will have no choice but to be left abandoned on the streets or end up with one which has a euthanasia policy. It is easy to say that a shelter is run with a 'no kill' policy, but has anyone ever seriously really committed to caring, seeing to their needs and work with the animals by visiting them daily after dropping the animal? Dropping off your unwanted pet to a shelter can be very stressful for your pet. Their welfare has to be taken care of. At the shelter, we can only try to reassure these animals, care for them and try our very best to rehome them. We fully agree on the article featured by PETA at http://www.peta.org/features/deadly-consequences-no-kill-policies/ on how the outcome will affect shelters with 'no kill' policy when resources are limited.


In October, 6 dogs and 1 cat found homes. There are many young puppies being brought in recently and are now available for adoption. Every animal adopted is a life saved, but do please make sure that you can be committed for a period of 10 years and beyond before considering adoption. When you adopt a female cat/dog from the shelter it is absolutely compulsory and that one should be prepared to neuter the pet animal adopted when it comes of age between 5-6 months. For adoption, please visit our adoption gallery at www.spca-penang.net.



We were so fortunate to have Ms. Ranjetta, a PhD Student from School of Biological Sciences,USM, who chose SPCA Penang to perform her internship. Ms. Ranjetta worked in every aspect required at the shelter. We are pretty sure that all the dogs and cats at the shelter will miss her bonding and interaction. Ms. Ranjetta has this to say about her experience working with us:

My experiences at the SPCA Penang
Ranjetta Poobathy
Ph. D. candidate, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Sponsor: Yayasan Khazanah

Spending four weeks at the SPCA Penang has taught me one thing: animals crave attention and love from us humans. Spending even 10 minutes with them daily helps to build a bond that will last a lifetime. It saddens me to watch many pet owners abandon or attempt to surrender their pets for the pettiest of reasons: animal misbehaviour and mismatched needs while adopting pets. I personally hope that pet owners take the time to understand the commitments required in caring for an animal, especially in terms of time and medical necessities. I also hope that everyone who owns pets shower love and attention on their animals, just as if they were family members. I would like to thank the Penang SPCA for giving me the privilege of working with them in the month of October 2016.



It's time once again for our education workshops on responsible pet ownership for children of ages 8 till 12 years starting from 30th November weekly on Wednesdays. Time 2 p.m. till 4.30 p.m. Here, children will be taught on their responsibilities as a pet owner followed by interaction and socializing with the animals at the shelter. To book a place for your child, kindly email (info@spca-penang.net) or call (04 281 6559) to indicate which date is preferred. The dates for the workshops are 30th Nov., 7th Dec, 14th Dec, 21st Dec and 28th Dec. Parents are also welcome should they want to accompany their children.


Our calendars for year 2017 are available for sale at RM10/-. They can be great gifts for your friends and family. Also, at the same time you are helping the shelter to raise funds to help us continue our activities and maintenance of our animals at the shelter.

8th November 10 a.m. -4 p.m. Responsible Pet Ownership Campaign at INTI College
19th November 9 a.m. sharp Volunteer Briefing
26th & 27th Nov. 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. Christmas Bazaar at Straits Quay
30th Nov. till 28th December -2 -4.30 p.m. Weekly on Wednesdays - Children's Workshop on Responsible Pet Ownership

SPCA would like to thank Mr. Tan Boon Chuan for kindly donating a Nikon Coolpix camera for our shelter use.

Our animals need:

1. Pet food - canned
2. Pet food - dry kibbles preferably for puppies
3. Your continuous contribution. Make a pledge to donate monthly. Any amount is greatly appreciated. To make this pledge happen, you could go to our website and perform your transaction on line. We thank you in advance.
4. Foldable Exhibition board for outdoor use.

SPCA TEAM - Thank you.