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Issued: November 1, 2013


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No one in their right mind would ever agree to euthanasia. At the SPCA, the welfare and health of the animals are carefully taken into consideration before the last option is exercised. Reality and practicality are also points to be considered. There's so much hype and talk about "No Kill" these days and it really makes us wonder if people really know what "No Kill" means.

Some animal shelters are often put in a dilemma where the community expresses how they dislike policies when it comes to "disposing" of unwanted animals. Hence, the ever-increasing number of shelters which operate under a "No Kill" policy. In today's world, it is not easy to have all these unwanted animals (this is the result of the community's negligence and lack of responsibility in caring for their pet animals) find homes. These are among the many reasons most "traditional" shelters choose to euthanise animals. Euthanasia is the painless, humane termination of life. Most shelters, like ours, have a capacity problem. Unlike the "No Kill" entities, we don't turn away animals as this is against our policy and would result in more animals being left on the street. With the space restrictions we have, euthanasia is sadly often the only choice.

Attempting to adopt a "No Kill" policy is similar to a successful capitalist nation trying to switch to a socialist system. It is simply a Utopian idea, where the ultimate goal is in favour of both sides - "fair and just". But is it possible for all members of a particular community to adapt and change according to a single idea? With the existence of freedom of speech and free will, and as long as all people are able to have an opinion, a globalise "No Kill" is just not possible.

For a shelter to operate as a "No Kill", it requires two simple (but nearly impossible for some to achieve) things. The first is to have massive availability of land. This is to support the shelter by providing enough temporary homes for all the unwanted animals it receives. It is equally important to have availability of huge funds to provide the necessities the animals may need. Allow yourself some time to ponder upon this - "Would it be cruel to have an animal which is ill (or overstayed at the shelter) put down?" Deciding on what animals are to be euthanised is undoubtedly the most difficult policy decision an organisation will have to make.

A "No Kill" policy may be more popular with the public but may affect the mental health of the animals. Euthanasia of healthy animals may be unpopular with the public but it can ensure higher levels of adoption.

The second essential goal a "No Kill" should strive for is to obtain the cooperation of the government or council to assist in the capturing of strays and handling the unwanted animals. Hence, the government associated bodies are required to perform the "dirty work" which the "No Kills" would not dream of doing. Being a "No Kill" allows a shelter to pick and choose the type of animals the shelter wants to receive. As such, many animals unsuitable for re-homing would be turned away.

Running a "No Kill" also requires a tremendous budget. A "traditional" shelter alone operates on very high expenses. It is not wrong to operate a shelter that is not in favour of euthanasia, but to be classified as a "No-Kill" is really not possible.

Shelters can only strive towards changing the mindset of the community in molding future pet owners to be responsible towards their pets. This can only be achieved with the cooperation from the public and the relevant authorities in improving the status of animal welfare. The above article is the opinion of the editor.

We have 2 more months to go before we greet the New Year 2014. As of now, we have found 115 homes for our cats and dogs in 2013. We hope to be able to find more, good and forever families for our paw friends awaiting homes. Meet our Happy Stars (Amber, Cino amd Sebastian) and we wish they bring great joy and unconditional love to their new found families.


Again, we thank all our members and friends in helping to pass the word around on the MISSING/LOST DOGS notices circulated. 'Bon' the German Shepherd Dog is known to be a jumper and we were informed that he followed a 'bitch on heat' and that could have made him lose his sense of direction.

The Shih Tzu dog named 'Macob' (which was dumped outside the SPCA) was actually taken away by someone from a house under renovation. He's so lucky to have his owner enquiring at the right time looking for him at the shelter.

'Wang Wang' escaped from a house under renovation in Ayer Itam. We picked him up in Grove Road after he was injured (he's now fine), probably by a car.

Two schools namely SMK Padang Polo and SMK(P) Sri Mutiara were visited on 10th and 30th October respectively. We appreciate the initiative from the teachers concerned towards animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. We hope to reach out to more schools in the near future.

On Wednesday weekly from 20th November, SPCA will be conducting Workshops on Responsible Pet Ownership for children at our own premises. Time: 2.30 p.m. till 4.30 p.m. This will be catered towards children from ages 9 to 12 years. Please book early as we are only able to have maximum up to 12 kids per session. Dates for the session are as follows: 20th Nov., 27th Nov., 4th Dec., 11th Dec. & 18th Dec. For reservation, kindly email (spcapg@pd.jaring.my) and let us know the name, age, contact no of the child attending and also pick the date preferred. Reservation of a place is on a first come first serve basis.


Thinking of buying gifts for friends and your loved ones including your pet animals during this Deepavali and Christmas festive season? Kindly visit our website to view the great selection of gift items available for all at http://merchandise.spca-penang.net

** NEW ** We now offer freshly baked DOG COOKIES

We are now taking orders for these cookies freshly baked just for SPCA by Bone Appetit. Click here for full details.

SPCA TEAM Wishes all our Hindu Members. Volunteers, Friends and Supporters a Happy Diwali. May this Festival of Lights bring you great joy and happiness always.

12TH & 13TH Nov. - SPCA will be participating in a Charity Sale at Agilent Technologies from 10.30 a.m. till 3 p.m.

16th Nov. - Volunteer Briefing Session for new volunteers/members from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. Keen to volunteer? Please drop by on this day at 9a.m. sharp as this is compulsory for all new volunteers!

Our sincere thanks to Ms. Eileen Ang & Hor Choon Wai for answering to our appeal for a commercial rice cooker and electric kettle. SPCA TEAM and our paw friends at the shelter appreciate your kind generosity.

Contributions come in various forms. Eight students from TAR UC organized a business games within their school. 30% of their profit takings were donated to the SPCA. Our since thanks to the students for having SPCA in their hearts. SPCA wishes to have more people like them out there doing good for animal welfare.