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More complaints of cruelty


In view of the recent happenings of animal cruelty to an animal in Selangor, whereby a cat was thrown into a dryer at a launderette, many have asked: How could one do such a cruel act like this?  Is that person a psychopath?  Not one person, there were three of them. Many acts of cruelty happen everywhere and at any time. When such a case like this is exposed and goes viral on facebook pages, the culprit is unlikely to escape - thanks to the social media.  Many cases have gone unreported and sometimes the witness/witnesses are not brave enough to speak up for the voiceless or don't supply enough evidence.  At the same time, we are often questioned:  What about animals (especially dogs) kept in high rise buildings which are causing a nuisance (barking all the time) to humans? Isn’t this cruel to humans?   The only advice we can give  to pet owners again and again is to play their roles well, be mindful, respect and live in harmony with thy neighbors. Be responsible pet owners!



Volunteer Briefing


Our volunteer briefing in September was attended by students from Dalat, KDU University College and Disted plus other individuals.  To find out how one can volunteer, please do attend our Volunteer Briefing to be held next on 20th October, 2018.  Time: 9 a.m. sharp.


Some photos from the last briefing:





World Animal Day

This World Animal Day, 4th October, let’s make a difference in making a pledge, help create awareness and spread the message 'BE KIND TO ANIMALS' to people around you. Help people to reduce the many unwanted/abandoned dogs and cats become strays. Visit animal shelters 'Help Save a Life'.

Care to neuter your pet and save lives?! Join our month long neutering campaign.  We offer neutering vouchers.  To know more, please click here.



New Cattery
Work on our new cattery, at a cost over RM90,000, has been completed.  This cattery was partially funded from a legacy left behind by our long time Board Member, the late Mrs. K E M Hussain.  We are looking for sponsors to help support  the additional construction costs at RM4000 each. No yearly renewal is required.  We are happy to hear from anyone  who is interested to sponsor.  Kindly email info@spca-penang.net or call the office 04-2816559.


'GIVE ME A SMILE' – Our new Tshirt on sale now!

SPCA would like to thank Ryan Ng, an amateur artist and illustrator based in George Town.  Ryan has kindly collaborated with SPCA to raise awareness in caring of animals through his art. Ryan has offered the society a few of his art pieces to be made into SPCA merchandise.  We thank you Ryan for your kind contribution.


Animal Adoptions
For the past few months the rate of animals adopted has been consistent and steadily growing.  In September, we saw two cats and thirteen dogs leave the shelter for their new homes.  We are very delighted to share that our long-time canine resident "Aro" has left the shelter for his new found home.  The staff and our regular volunteers missed his greetings as Aro was the first to pop up his head and greeted anyone who visits him.


Our thanks to Shivaani Tishadas, a frequent volunteer at the shelter, for coming up with the idea of "FurryTales" for Facebook and Instagram posts. She is an avid photographer so do check our Facebook and Instagram posts from her.


Community Visits
During September we had visits from:
Diploma in Accounting students from KDU:
Students from Disted College , Hospitality Department:


SPCA Wish List

Any form of support anyone wishes to give (be it in kind, service or contribution) is greatly needed and appreciated.

Donations in kind: pet food for cats and dogs, pet treats, stationery for office use, brushes, detergents etc. are accepted.

Donation in service:  Your voluntary help is needed to interact and socialize with our animals at the pound. Cleaning and painting of kennels and catteries are greatly needed.

Donations in cash: Your regular contribution to keep us going is a great help.  To find out how you can donate, kindly go to link and click

Thank you. SPCA TEAM