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Edition: October 2016


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The recent move to ban dogs kept in intermediate terrace homes in Malacca has sparked a lot of unwelcoming remarks amongst dog lovers in the country. (You can see many articles online about this, one example from NST here.) It is noted that dog byelaws vary from council to council of each state as well as from state to state. For some, it is disturbing for those who intend to keep a dog, but must first get consent from their immediate neighbours. This is tantamount to their rights being restricted.

It is true that complaints of dog nuisance, strays etc exceeds by far any other complaints as noted by the Complaints Bureau. It is time to penalize irresponsible dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership. Keeping a pet needs a long term commitment. While the idea of introducing animal welfare in our education system is in consideration, it is also timely that the Ministry of Housing & Local Government looks into having a uniform Dog Byelaws for all local councils in the country.

Dog licence fees too vary from RM10 to as high as RM50 per annum for each pet. Revenues collected through this can help fund education programs etc conducted to raise awareness on Responsible Pet Ownership by the respective Majlis Bandaran together with animal welfare NGOs in the various states.

It is time that the Ministry of Housing & Local Government works together with established animal welfare NGOs to look into helping shape good governance of the animal byelaw under one umbrella. However, it is hoped that there can be a better way to solve problems relating to such matters amicably by all parties. It is unfair to penalize our canine friends as the problem starts from society at large.

Let's get down seriously and inculcate a sense of responsibility from pet owners so as not to aggravate more problems in society.


Our calendars for year 2017 which can be great gifts for your friends and families are now available at RM10 each. Free delivery for orders of 20 sets and above within town limits. Members and volunteers are encouraged to help promote as this is our means of fundraising to help carry out our activities and maintenance of our animals at the shelter. Drop by to buy, or order from our online shop.


We wish to remind all our members and friends of this special day that we celebrate. Do bring your friends and families along and not forgetting our well behaved paw friends too who are welcome to the movie screenings. To the kids who had signed up for the workshop, we shall see you at 10 a.m.

For pet owners, should you wish to learn more on obedience training for your dog, be there at 11.30 a.m. Our presenter Ms. Sue Yeap of PAA Penang will mesmerize you with all that you want to know about obedience training.

Like to enjoy a movie or two with your mutt, be there at 1.30 p.m. continued by another at 3.30 p.m.

Don't forget, please do register. Visit spca-penang.net/world-animal-day-2016/

Sorry, the comedy show Syiok Sendiri 5:Back to School is sold out.

Our adoption for the September month was a little better as compared to the previous months. 11 dogs and 1 cat were happily rehomed. However, our kennel population has also increased. All kennels were taken up by dogs brought in unwanted and/or found. Please help spread around on our dogs/cats available for adoption to your friends and families wishing to keep a pet.



In Memory of the Late Dr. Ho Meilien who passed away recently, SPCA would like to thank the relatives and friends of the late Dr. Ho for their kind donation towards SPCA. Our deepest condolences to the family for their bereavement. May she rest in peace.

Should you know of any dog needing SYNOQUIN EFA MEDIUM BREED TABLETS or SAMYLIN LARGE BREED, and with no obligations (on a first come first serve basis) we have some to spare. Please call.

We are happy to receive the following from anyone willing to donate:
  • Multivitamin tablets for our dogs and cats (do call to enquire)
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Pet food and treats

Thank you.