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Edition: September 2016


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The recent announcement by the Government that the subject of Animal Welfare will be included in our education system is indeed applaudable. This will encourage the young to show love and kindness to animals, not cruelty! Implementation of this will take time and when this will happen is the concern of all animal welfare groups. To encourage this to kick start, it will be best for the government to allow animal loving teachers to form Clubs or such in schools. Talks and workshops on Responsible Pet ownership etc. can be arranged with the relevant animal welfare organizations. Students can share knowledge on pets under their care and be aware of the 5 FREEDOMS FOR ANIMALS which comes under the International Declaration for Animal Welfare (IDAW).

There are already Clubs and Societies like Interact, Leo, Young Enterprise(YE), Scouts, Girl Guides, Red Crescent, St. John's etc., we see no reason why a Club perhaps Animal Defenders should not be created in schools. In the old days during the 1950s, RSPCA Penang was very active in getting schools to form and recruit children to form a league with help from teachers, acting as Advisors. Today, schools are not that receptive to cater for such as they have too much extra curriculum in hand as claimed.

Pet animals have become part of our lives and teaching animal welfare education in school will help inculcate a sense of commitment among the young. Hence, this will encourage Responsible Pet Ownership.

Group visit from SMK Union School Wondrous Young Enterprise Group this month:

DID YOU JUST UPGRADE YOUR CAMERA AND HAVE AN OLD ONE YOU ARE WILLING TO DONATE? - do call us if you are able to help. Our inspectors need a camera for their investigative work. Thank you.

Our spaying vouchers are still available and the offer will be extended until end September. To be eligible, we urge pet owners to ensure that their pet is vaccinated. Pet owners are required to arrange for an appointment date for the surgery with their veterinarian concerned. For more details, please call or download the application form.

SPCA will celebrate World Animal Day, this time at penangpac in Straits Quay from 10 a.m. till 10.30 pm. on SUNDAY 2ND OCTOBER. The day will start at 10.00 a.m. - Workshop for children of ages 9 yrs to 12 yrs on Responsible Pet Ownership. An obedience training workshop on dogs will follow. Two movie screenings will be shown. Pet owners are allowed to bring their dogs to the movies. And finally the Syiok Sendiri 5 show (see below). Registration will be on a first come first serve basis. For more details on how to register for the above events mentioned, kindly visit here.


As part of our World Animal Day activities, come join us again for more of Syiok Sendiri! Time: 8.30 p.m. at penangpac Stage 2. Tickets are on sale at the SPCA at minimum donation RM30/- each. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. The synopsis of the show can be viewed here. Please note this show is for mature audiences only.


Our adoptions for August showed a slight improvement over July. Five dogs and three cats were happily rehomed.



If you are one of those who likes cooking but have run out of ideas on what to cook for your invited guests, we have lots of cookery books for sale. Come visit us at the shelter during our office hours.

We will be at this event on September 3 at SPICE Arena from 5pm to 9pm. Do drop by!

A variety of products and services that are relevant to the pet industry will be showcased in this carnival, as well as a wide range of pets. Apart from conventional cats and dogs, other exotic options such as fish, reptiles and rodents will also be showcased. Workshops and seminars that educate pet owners on how to properly care for their pets will also be featured in the carnival. The carnival will also feature different habitats for the animals showcased, promising any visitor a 'mini zoo' experience and thus guaranteeing a great day ahead.


SPCA thanks Ambi & Lou for answering our appeal to replace our faulty water heater at the cattery unit. Our paw friends bless you both for the welcome gift.

We are at any time in need of items, be it pet food, reuse items which are still functioning, your volunteer service, stationery etc and of course donations to help us carry on our services towards the welfare of animals. Any help that you can spare is greatly appreciated. For more details, call or email us.
Thank you.