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Edition: August, 2016


SPCA Penang Contact:
Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. (604)2816559 (6016)4166559
Email: info@spca-penang.net
Web: www.spca-penang.net

We welcome visitors to the shelter.

Kindly note our visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm

Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

Our phone is manned 7 days a week until 7pm. Emergency calls will only be handled during daylight hours.



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Many videos and pictures on cases of cruelty have been reported and most have also gone viral in the social media. Sadly, some of these may be fake and/or genuine. Some maybe old cases that have been repeatedly showcased. Many have sent messages to ask SPCA to do something about it. What can SPCA and you do!

Firstly, you need to ensure that there is sufficient supporting evidence for the case to be investigated. Find out where this happened and when! Don't simply circulate and share blindly without knowing facts. If this happens in your locality, report to the authorities concerned in your area. When you make a report, do without fear if you want to make your voice heard for the animals. Pictures on the act of cruelty should accompany the report as this will greatly help when investigation takes place. Do give as much detail as you can as this will help the authorities investigate the case effectively and efficiently.

In the event that the animal passed away, please do not dispose of the carcass as it has to be brought to the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar in Bukit Tengah for a post mortem to be done as well as obtaining a medical report on the animal that has cruelty inflicted on.

In Penang, the authorities (Jabatan Penguatkuasa at Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar) in charge of cruelty cases is based in Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam. They can be reached at telephone no. 04-5084879. You can also make a report at your nearest police station.



Come Saturday, 20th August SPCA is inviting all members and friends to our OPEN DAY. Though every day is an Open Day to the public, this is a special day where we extend our opening hours till 2 p.m. All are invited.
To commemorate this occasion, this also marks the running of our Spaying Campaign in the month of August. SPCA will once again be giving away free neutering vouchers for RM150 & RM100 respectively for a dog and a cat. To be eligible, please download our application form here.

To mark this special occasion, one can also participate in our ADOPT/SPONSOR A KENNEL CAMPAIGN. It costs RM2000 per annum to maintain an animal waiting for a home.
Help spread the word around and invite your friends to adopt homeless animals from shelters instead of visiting pet shops.

Our adoptions for July did not differ much from the previous month. 5 dogs and 1 cat happily left our shelter for their new homes.



At the request of the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh, we are glad to receive Vet Student Chia Ying who has chosen SPCA to gain her practical experience for a week at the shelter. We hope Chia Ying has gained a lot from our Shelter Staff.


As part of our World Animal Day activities, watch out for the coming Syiok Sendiri Show in aid of SPCA Penang at Penangpac, Straits Quay on 2nd Oct. 2016. Tickets are now available at the SPCA at RM30 per pax. Call or email us to book your tickets.

We will be organizing other activities on this day - details will be circulated soon.

SPCA would like to thank Stratos Racing School for sponsoring our booth at the Tenby School Summer Fair held on 16th July.


We are still hopeful to receive any of these (still functioning reuse items) that you have to spare:
  1. A shower heater for our cats
  2. 2 units camera for our Inspectors' and office use for investigation purposes
  3. Food for cats and dogs (Please call to find out the type of food needed)
  4. Treats for dogs (for use by volunteers during interaction and socializing sessions)