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Issued: August 1, 2015


SPCA Penang Contact:
Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. (604)2816559 (6016)4166559
Email: info@spca-penang.net
Web: www.spca-penang.net

We welcome visitors to the shelter.

Kindly note our visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm

Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

If there is an incident involving an animal that is urgent and it is out of office hours, please call - the phone is manned 24/7. Don't post on Facebook for emergencies, posts are not always seen immediately.



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Daily, SPCA receives many requests to receive unwanted kittens, puppies, cats & dogs which are either abandoned and become strays or unwanted/abandoned by their owners. At least an average of 180 animals are received monthly.

Shelters have a hard time raising funds to cope with the many demands and with these limitations, the animals are being pushed from one shelter to another. If only each and every one who keeps/feeds could stay committed, the question of strays abandoned/unwanted would not arise.

There are still many who are not in favor of performing neutering and give reasons like:
  • We should not tamper with God's nature
  • Our religion does not allow us to do so
  • They fear that should they neuter, they will not be able to bear generations to come
  • Ignorance and as such giving excuses that they have no time to attend to the animal
  • Ignorance as they wish to allow the family to experience seeing the first litter born or
  • Just sheer ignorance of the facts.
Annually, every 3rd Saturday of each August month is proclaimed as International Homeless Animals' Day. This year, we will run a month long neutering campaign with the hope of encouraging as many pet owners as possible to neuter/spay their pets. Neutering Vouchers of RM150 each for dogs, RM50 for tomcats and RM100 each for female cats will be given to help subsidize pet owners. Vouchers given will only be valid for a month from the date issued. To qualify, the following will be required.
  1. Open to all Pet Owners preferably from the low income group
  2. Pet (owner owned only) must be at least 5-6 months of age
  3. Pet must be vaccinated - proof of vaccination from a veterinary clinic is required
  4. Only two vouchers per household will be given.
The SPCA has the right to reject any application which is found to be unsuitable. To apply kindly download application from here. Application forms will have to be submitted personally together with a Health Record of Vaccinations of the pet to be neutered/spayed.


SPCA PENANG OPEN DAY to commemorate International Homeless Animals' Day (IHAD)
To commemorate IHAD, SPCA will be extending its opening hours from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 15, 2015. Come visit and adopt our homeless animals-in-waiting. Kindly invite and/or bring your friends/family along to get to know more about SPCA. We have merchandise on sale too. We look forward to seeing you.

The adoption for the month of July was slightly better than the previous month. Homes found for our dogs and cats were 11. Our long-stay resident 'Shiny' has finally found her home and is now settling in Kuala Kedah. Meet some of our stars which left SPCA ground for their happy homes:




So as not to conflict with our Open Day for IHAD, we have moved the August briefing to Saturday, August 22 at 9am. It is absolutely important and compulsory for all newcomers to undergo this session before starting as a volunteer of the society.

So far this year, a total of 22 animals were officially reported missing. Unfortunately, only 11 were able to reunite with their families. SPCA urges pet owners to exercise more care especially when the pets are left freely to roam in the compound. The most common reason given was that most pet owners left their gate ajar and their pets conveniently walk out of the compound. The fault does not lie with our 4 footed friends.

Drex reunited with his owner:

Benzie & Duke, lost/found and still not claimed, but now waiting to be given a second chance:


On Sunday 19th July, SPCA was invited to join in the Scouts Camp organized for children of ages 10 to 12 years held at the SJK( C) Jelutong. We appreciative the initiative taken by the Persekutuan Pengakap Tempatan, George Town (Selatan) Pulau Pinang. This is indeed a good way to educate the young on Responsible Pet Ownership and care of their animals at home. Other individual organisations such as BOMBA and the St. John's Ambulance were invited too.

Our stars April and Beary drew the crowd at the Summer Fayre at the Straits Quay on 4th July. We thank the organizers and special thanks to Marlene Fox for giving NGOs like ours a chance to showcase our SPCA work and create awareness. It was a fun day for both our animals and volunteers. We are glad to note that both April and Beary found good homes. For the record, 3 homes were found through this event.


Their daily breakfast starts with a bowl of pet food (dry) early morning with supplements such as Cod Liver Oil and multivitamins added. The ones with fungal dermatitis are rubbed with hair oil on their body. Weekly, all shelter animals (especially dogs) are given a bath. A special twice weekly bath will be given to dogs with fungal dermatitis. So, this is the wish list from our paw friends.