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Dog meat consumption ban in South Korea


There's a sigh of relief and talk by all animal lovers when the good news was announced that the South Korean Court had ruled that the killing of dogs for meat is illegal. For years, animal activists all over the world tried very hard campaigning for this. Check it out at this page from The Star on June 23, and here from the Animals 24-7 Magazine.

For many, especially the dog meat eaters, this issue is controversial as their belief is that eating dogs is no different from killing and consuming any other domestic animals.  Dogs are meant to be "MAN'S BEST FRIEND". They are widely bred and kept mainly as pets and not meant to be a delicacy on the table.


Do support this:

Sign The Petition Against Dog & Cat Meat Consumption! Click here


Job vacancy for Animal Care Inspector
We are looking for someone who has compassion for animals for the above post. 
The recruit must have a driving licence and be able to drive our animal ambulance.  The job entails rescuing animals in distress and talking to pet owners who have problems with their pets etc.  For more details, kindly go through the job description here. No phone calls please, as noted in the link, interested parties can mail in their resumes or email them.


Adoption News

The June month seems to favor cats as we got 5 cats adopted and 10 dogs bringing the total to 15  - the highest since the start of the year.




Events Happening

In June, our paw friends were more than happy to see the many faces of students and working adults from schools, colleges, universities and multi-national companies, coming in to provide community service and spending time with them at the shelter.  We hope that this will continue regularly by all concerned and not only as required in their extra-curriculum program.
UPM Vet Students here for training
Students from Uplands School
PSDC visit
Dell staff
Inti students


Annual General Meeting of the Society

The society conducted its AGM on 23rd June.  There was no change in the SPCA, and the Office Bearers for the society remain the same. The President and Committee thanked all members and friends for their support in enabling SPCA to be run smoothly for another year.  The annual report of the society can be read here.


SPCA Wish List

If you ever think of contributing to the needs of the shelter, we would like to receive the following:

1. Wet food pouches for young kittens

2. Lidi brooms and flat cane brooms for our dog exercise area.

3. Soap detergents/powder for washing towels and feeding bowls of our shelter animals

4. Plastic chairs with back rest for our education room

5. We have plans to improve our cattery for cats, sponsorship is required.  For more details, kindly call us 04 2816559.


SPCA Team - Thank You