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Issued: July 1, 2013


Missing Pets

Almost everyday we received reports of missing pets(dog or cats) be it via phone calls, emails, call personally at our doorstep.

The most common reasons given are:
  1. We let it out for 'pee and poo' - Oh no, this is not a good excuse. Just as much as you do not want to mess your compound, you should not be messing the public compound. Do take your dog out on a leash and be prepared to clean up the mess.
  2. We allow freedom for our dog and we do not believe in confining - Take note your dog can be a nuisance to the public when allowed out to roam. Dogs are prone to cause accidents especially those that chase. This will also encourage the public to complain to the authorities concerned. A licenced dog does not mean freedom to roam.
  3. We left our gate open and the dog ran out. Most pet owners find it troublesome to get out of their car to close and open their gate whenever they drive in or out of their house. Please train your pet dog to make sure they sit/stay still when this happens.
  4. We are on holiday and our pet dog is left with a friend to take care. Before you confirm leaving your pet with a friend please make sure that your pet is familiar with your friend/relative and their environment. Dogs/cats can panic when they are left in unfamiliar surroundings.
  5. Moving can be hard on a dog and can be one of the most common times for a dog to get lost too.
And the list goes onů..

Don't lose hope. What to do when you lose your pet!
  1. Check round your neighborhood, drains, construction sites, back alleys.
  2. Inform your Veterinarian.
  3. Create a flier with a photo and details of your pet etc. and distribute to alert your friends in your neighborhood. Ask for permission from veterinary clinics, local shelters and pet shops in your area to help display flier for your missing pet.
  4. Post the flier at available websites for missing pets.
  5. Visit pet shops - There are known cases where lost pets ended up for sale.
  6. Visit your local Animal Shelter/Animal Pound. There may be a good chance your pet will be picked and handed over by good Samaritans.
  7. Make a police report.

The top two are the lucky ones - they have been re-united with their owners. The bottom two are still at our shelter waiting for their owners to collect them.

To avoid this from happening, always let your dog wear a collar with an identification tag (if possible with your contact no. and your pet's name) at all times. Though we do not have a central data base collection system where we could trace pet owners yet here in Malaysia, a microchip for your pet is still highly recommended. Please ask your veterinarian for this service.

Adoption Highlights

We have passed another half year and our adoption figures for cats and dogs at the shelter for the first six months of 2013 reached 67 - versus the number of animals picked/collected/received which totals 927.

Our adoption procedures are very simple. We need people to be committed for at least 10 years or more. We need your time, space and be prepared (financially) to maintain the animal while in your care. Be sure that you promise to neuter (compulsory for females when she comes of age).

Meet our paw friends below with their forever home masters.

Event Highlights
CSR DAY at Dell
20th June was Charity Day at Dell. SPCA was in their hearts. We thank the Technical Support Team for helping to man the sale of SPCA merchandise in their office. A total of RM1,812 has been raised from the sale of merchandise. On 22nd June, they also (25 of them) arranged to paint the kennels, plus interacting and socializing with the animals at the shelter. We hope they enjoyed working with the SPCA in the interest of animal welfare.
Year 7 Uplands Day at SPCA
On 27th June morning, a group of 22 Year 7 students (Uplanders) and a teacher visited SPCA to present a cheque for RM1,434. This was the result of their hard work of planning and organizing to raise funds for the animals at the shelter. They also brought along with them some recycled items. They had a fun time socializing with the cats and dogs at the shelter. We appreciate their kind gesture and efforts put in for the benefit of animal welfare.
Universiti Putra Malaysia DVM 1 Students
10 UPM DVM 1 Students chose SPCA Penang as their Off Campus Training to perform their 'seeing practice' at animal shelter facilities from 24th June till 7th July. Here, they are shown how the shelter operates. This will allow them to gain some initial exposure to veterinary animal shelter practice, care and management of animal shelter. At the same time, they will be expected to have 'hands on' experience so as to gain some basic skills in animal shelter practice.
Annual General Meeting of SPCA
An AGM was held on 29th June to elect a new Management Committee for the year 2013/2014. The elected members are:
Chairman Dato N Ramanathan
Vice Chairman Dr. G.S. Gill
Hon. Secretary Ms. Yvonne Russell
Hon. Treasurer Ms. Leow Sook Fen
Committee Members: Mrs. Molly Kwong, Ms. Eliza Ho

For your reading pleasure, we invite you to click here to view our annual report for the year 2012.
To commemorate International Homeless Animals Day - SPCA Family Carnival at Youth Park, Sunday 18th Aug.
Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There will be food, fun and entertainment for all ages.

We are in the midst of organising this event. We appeal to all our members, friends and supporters to help in the following manner:

  1. We need your help to circulate to all your friends and relatives in your circulation list regards to this event.
  2. We need 500 people to help promote our event by helping us to sell food coupons at RM10 each.
  3. We need 100 pledges at RM1000 each towards purchase of a vehicle which costs approx. RM100,000 with conversion to an animal ambulance.
  4. We need 20 pledges (be it companies, organisations or individuals)for food stalls at RM1000 donation each. We will source for food stalls.
  5. You can give donations in cash(any donations, no amount is small to the society). You can send us your cheque addressed to SPCA PENANG or visit our website at www.spca-penang.net and click on our `DONATE' button. A tax exempt receipt will be given.
  6. You can give donations in kind by sponsoring/managing your own food stall. Donations in kind can be in the form of cakes and pastries, dry food stuff, home cooked food etc. Do please call us at 2186559/0164166559 during office hours to discuss with our team.
  7. You can Volunteering your services on that day or before the event. Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. If you can't commit for the whole day, please indicate time.
  8. Volunteering to organise some fun, games and entertainment activities. Please call for more details.
We attached herewith our Appeal Letter and Reply Form for your kind attention. The mandarin version of our appeal letter can be downloaded here.

SPCA Penang Contact:
Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. (604)2816559 (6016)4166559
Email: www.spca-penang.net
We welcome visitors to the shelter. Kindly note our visiting hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm
We are closed on Sundays only.
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