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Issued: April 1, 2014


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We welcome visitors to the shelter.

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We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

If there is an incident involving an animal that is urgent and it is out of office hours, please call - the phone is manned 24/7. Don't post on Facebook for emergencies, posts are not always seen immediately.



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Make 2014 the YEAR OF THE MUTT!!

It never ceases to amaze (and annoy!) us that on the rare occasions when we have a purebred dog available for adoption (especially a young one), that the public falls over itself to take it. Yet we constantly have many, many wonderful "SPCA breed" (aka mongrels!) dogs available that no-one wants.

So, what is the truth - why do you want purebred over mongrels?

- is it that you think they are more intelligent? NOT TRUE

- is it that you think they will have a better temperament? NOT TRUE

- is it that you think your friends and family will think it's cool? NO, NO. They'll respect you more for adopting a mongrel from a shelter and saving a life.

The Facts:

Researchers who tested dozens of dogs found that mongrels have superior spatial awareness and are better at solving problems.

There is another downside to the purebred animal. They can be susceptible to medical problems that arise from inbreeding.

So if you are thinking of adopting a dog, do please visit us and meet all our wonderful "SPCA breed" dogs and help us make 2014 into The Year of the Mutt!!

And don't ignore the female dogs - many potential adopters reject all female dogs saying they are a "nuisance". If the female dog at our shelter is 5+ months old, then we spay her before allowing her to be adopted. If you adopt a very young puppy then we insist on taking a deposit from you for neutering which is only refunded once you provide proof of the operation. Spayed dogs are not a nuisance, so please don't ignore the "she"s at our shelter.

Mongrels are loved for their uniqueness and individuality. They are just as loyal, faithful and intelligent as any other breed of dog. But you must give great care and consideration when choosing your dog, this dog will be with your family for at least the next ten years.

Plus let's not forget the cats! It's very unusual for us to temporarily home a purebred or crossed breed cat but we do occasionally get ones with some Persian or Siamese in them. Again the reaction of potential adopters is the same as for dogs - do please check out ALL our cats - we believe you will find the temperament of our mongrel cats most appealing!



EVENTS & HAPPENINGS in and around SPCA in MARCH and coming up in APRIL
Here's just some of the activities we were involved in during March.

A sum of RM170 was raised from the sale of cupcakes during Community Service Day at the college. SPCA appreciates their kind gesture in having the paw friends in mind.

The best thing in life is to share your feelings and love. Some photos from the volunteer sessions:
And coming up in April.

April 21st and 22nd is AISEC LOVE FESTIVAL at the USM Ground. This is open to the public. The purpose is to increase awareness of Social Development issues amongst the public and the participating NGOs. At least 25 NGOs will be participating. It's a good way to learn and get to know how each NGO functions and how the public can volunteer their services. There will be talks, exhibitions and sale of merchandise by the participating NGOs.
Photos from this event in 2013:


We are always looking for new "Forever Homes" for the animals under our care. Our thanks to the families who adopted cats & dogs during March.
Some of the animals rehomed in March - Timo, Mika, Jibam, Grape, Chelo and Wiwin:


SPCA Penang is delighted to announce that it is collaborating with SmartHeart during 2014 for:

  • "WE ADOPT" Adoption Drive - As the saying goes 'SAVE A LIFE, ADOPT A PET FROM A SHELTER', there are lots of cute and loving dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. Starting mid-April, Perfect Companion Group will give away a pack of pet food plus a bowl under the brand name 'SMARTHEART' for every pet adopted from the SPCA Penang and this offer will last until the end of 2014. Check out "WE ADOPT" here. Come visit our furry friends waiting to eagerly receive you with their waggly tails!!
  • "WE LEARN" Children's Workshops - These workshops are open to children of 9 to 12 years of age and will begin with two workshops on 4th & 11th June during our school semester break. The workshops will run from 2:30pm to 4:30 pm and are free of charge. At this workshop, the children will get to learn what responsible pet ownership is all about. Also, they will get to interact with the animals at the pound. Every attendee will be given a tshirt sponsored by Perfect Companion Group brand name 'SmartHeart'.
    Please mark in your diary the dates for the workshops. We will announce soon the dates that are scheduled after the June sessions - this will be for September, November & December semester breaks.

Some photos from our 2013 Workshops:

We have new "Welcome Dogs", fridge magnets and key rings available - check them out at http://merchandise.spca-penang.net

Congratulations to Mr. Beng Leong Toh for winning the competition with his design at right.

We are working with the supplier now to get these t-shirts made up. We'll advise when they are ready - it will probably take about 4 weeks.

A sincere "Thank You" to all who submitted designs and for participating in the voting process.


Cat food - wet and dry
Puppy food- wet and dry
Detergent - soap powder, hand soap
Used Towels - small and big, preferably as good as new