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Issued: March 1, 2015


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If there is an incident involving an animal that is urgent and it is out of office hours, please call - the phone is manned 24/7. Don't post on Facebook for emergencies, posts are not always seen immediately.



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February was quite a disappointing month for the SPCA TEAM. Our kennel capacity was full with more and more animals brought in. Our kennel adoptions were the lowest in record for monthly adoptions at SPCA, and almost daily we hear of a dog reported missing. This was probably due to the firing of fire crackers during the festive season. Fortunately, we are able to assist pet owners through the social media websites. Thanks to the creators of the Information Technology.

It is a huge responsibility when one decides to own a pet. This has been again and again stressed to many who pass by our shelter before consideration to own one. As we MAKE YEAR 2015 & BEYOND 'MY COMMITMENT TOWARDS MY PET', we would like to ensure that adopters are able to commit themselves to at least 10 years. It is in the best interest of the animals that we look into the lifestyle and the environment where the pet stays.

If you are living in an apartment and pets are allowed, please think carefully on the type of dog suitable for you. Keeping a big breed dog is indeed unsuitable and if you do own one, kindly ensure that you are not subjected to complaints. When you need to be away for a period of time, kindly ensure that proper arrangements are made for someone to visit your dog regularly to feed and clean up the mess left behind. The most common complaints received are dogs being housed in balconies with no proper shelter from the rain and sunshine.

This is scheduled for 20.3.15 at 9 a.m. sharp. Should anyone wish to be a volunteer and does not know how to go about it, kindly download the volunteer application form, complete and bring it along with you that day. It is compulsory for all new volunteers to attend before they start to volunteer at the SPCA.

Though our adoption rate of 3 dogs adopted in February was the lowest in SPCA's history of adoption, our spirits are not dampened. We trust good homes will come by when and wherever our shelter animals' destiny lies.
A couple of the lucky ones:

Milo found wandering the streets:

And after....

A happy Wisky reunited with his owner:


Many times we are faced with very difficult situation where very young and tiny adorable kittens and puppies are dropped at the shelter looking for homes. These very young animals have very low immunity and as such they are not able to stay long or survive in shelters. We endeavor to engage the help of fosterers who are able to lend a helping hand and at the same time help save lives. Fostering may not be easy for most people. If you are one who loves animals and are not able to commit to keeping a pet, this is one way where one could help volunteer in this manner. Our long standing volunteer and fosterer Neoh King Heng has lots to share with you all about fostering and this is what he has to say:

"As a volunteer, I often contribute my part to SPCA through fostering puppies. Though I am unable to commit to having a pet, fostering is one way where I could learn and interact with the puppies. Most puppies which I foster are around 3 to 5 weeks of age. When I first volunteered to foster, I had no idea at all on what I should do as I have never owned a dog. The internet and advice from the SPCA TEAM were the only source that I had about dogs.

Diamond was the first puppy that I have fostered. There was not much of a problem for me as the puppy was very obedient. The only problem that I had was the potty training, but Diamond was a fast learner. My parents were against the idea of having a dog in the house but they gradually accepted it as they came to understand more about dogs. A home with a dog is not the same as one without it.

Whenever I came home, Diamond would welcome me with a warm smile and she made me felt happy especially when I had a bad day and it even gave me a positive vibe. We enjoyed each other's company. It is always good to have a dog to spend time with, but as a fosterer I have learnt to let go when the time comes. No matter how much we love them, in the end they will have to go back to the shelter to find a forever home. When the time came for me to return Diamond, I found it very hard to part with her. I tried to control myself and cope with my emotions, no matter how unwilling I was to send her back. I took a lot of photos and videos of her before that so that I can have her in my memories, and I have since practiced this habit on every successful fostering. After my first successful foster attempt, I have then fostered more and more puppies whenever called upon by the SPCA. It was a great experience for me and my family and we will continue to support SPCA through fostering and other means. Would you be keen to join me in the fostering team?!"
Neoh with Diamond

For the past 2 months SPCA has been actively conducting talks/presentations on Animal Welfare and raising awareness of SPCA & Responsible Pet Ownership to students & visitors from Schools/Colleges/Universities.
Students from SEGI College

Dr. Kee (a UPM graduate 2013, who once had undergone training at the shelter) sharing ideas with the UPM veterinary students - 9th to 14th February

Visit by Inti College Bachelor of Business Degree students


We wish to remind all who are able to contribute in this manner. The deadline for submission has been extended to 31st March.


  • We wish to get as many animals placed in good homes as possible.
  • Please help make a difference.
  • We wish all owners would exercise more care to avoid their animals getting lost as pets go through a stressful experience when they are in a different environment.
  • Chap Goh Meh is around the corner, please do take care of your pets.


SPCA is preparing to place an order for the above. We are looking for your generous contribution towards this. Total cost for the purchase is as follows:
  • 20 x small/medium collars, approx. RM1,200 with shipping
  • 20 x large collars, approx. RM1,300 with shipping
  • 5 x extra large collars, approx. RM350 with shipping
  • 5 x small harness, approx. RM350 with shipping
  • 5 x medium harness, approx. RM400 with shipping
  • 2 x extra large harness, approx. RM150 with shipping

We appreciate a donation of at least RM5 from each and every one who reads this towards this fund. Would you help keep the ball rolling? Visit our website donation page for details on how to donate.

We have been invited by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society to help circulate and share to all our members and friends on the above event to be held at Han Chiang High School 15th March 2015. Time: 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. All are invited. For more details on how to register, kindly visit the website here for details.