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Happy Chinese New Year Greetings to all!


As we say goodbye to the Year of the Dog, we would like to thank all supporters and friends for another smooth-sailing year, though with a few little hiccups.


Let us usher in the Year of the Pig with resilience, and hope the general community will have more empathy towards the strays and their own pet animals.  May we wish that they have more commitment in lending support towards animal shelters.  As Chinese New Year season is celebrated with a bang of fire crackers and fireworks, we would like to remind pet owners to keep their pets safe indoors if possible to prevent them from escaping and straying, thus becoming lost and/or abandoned animals.




A word of caution to all pet owners, rabies has been detected in Taiping. Taiping is less than a 20 minute drive to the border of mainland Penang.  Kindly ensure that your pet is protected.  Consult your veterinarian to have the rabies vaccination for your pet dog(s)/cat(s).


Adoption Highlights

Seven dogs and three cats left the shelter for their new found homes in January. The pattern of adoption has increased a little, though we still need to push hard to find forever lasting homes for our animals at the shelter.  We try as much as possible to ensure that every cat/dog adopted out matches with their new family.  Our aim is to encourage responsible pet ownership so that the animal adoptions will be successful, though sometimes it does not work out.  Let’s meet our paw friends adopted out in January!



News from Afar
Winter the cat, who was adopted from the shelter in February 2018, has now happily settled in China with her family. We are assured that she copes well in her new environment.


Visits and Community Service
Following the visits and community service projects by the Form 6 students from SMJK CHUNG LING Pulau Pinang St. John Ambulance & Cadet, the latter with permission from the School Board, raised a sum of RM3843. This was indeed a New Year gift for the SPCA to start the year with.  Our sincere thanks to all the students of SMJK CHUNG LING PULAU PINANG for their kind hearted gesture.
Also thanks to staff from MARS DKSH for their visit and generous donation of food for the animals.


Volunteer Briefing
Want to be part of our volunteer team working with the animals? Join us on Saturday 16th February 2019 at 9 a.m. sharp.  You can go to our website at www.spca-penang.net to register or walk in that morning.


February Wish List

1. As most of the strays received from the public are infested with fleas, ticks and some contracted mange and mites, we would like to appeal for SIMPARICA  Chews for dogs which can rapidly kills fleas and control ticks etc.  Sizes needed are SMALL and MEDIUM.  Consult your vet to purchase as this is not available in the market.

2. Continuous supply of unpolished rice for dogs (please call us for details 042816559)

3. White wall sealer paint, rollers and brushes.


Thank you.