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Issued: February 1, 2015


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We welcome visitors to the shelter.

Kindly note our visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm

Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

If there is an incident involving an animal that is urgent and it is out of office hours, please call - the phone is manned 24/7. Don't post on Facebook for emergencies, posts are not always seen immediately.



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Most people are amazed at the sight of a tail on a Rottweiler dog. Why not? Amost all dogs are born with tails. Does tail docking provide any benefits to the dog, or is it strictly for show? The tail is often docked short the moment they are born for aesthetic reasons. SPCA opposes such a cruel act.

The disadvantage of having the tail cut is that the dog will no longer be able to use his tail to communicate with other dogs and even with humans. Dogs use their bodies and tails to communicate with other dogs. Are you not happy to see your dog wagging its tail in front of you when you are back after a hard day's work? When the dog wags his tail, this is a sign of excitement and happiness; if you see your dog with the tail between his legs this means that the dog is afraid of something.

Doesn't Roy, a 2 year old Rottweiler, look awesome with his tail? Roy was abandoned by his owner (who has left for overseas) and left alone with 2 elderly people in the house. SPCA was called in to take him away as they were not able to manage him. Roy melted the heart of his new owner shortly after he was placed at the shelter. His new owner was advised that he should come to the shelter to socialize and spend time with Roy before he could give us his firm COMMITMENT and assure SPCA that he is the right owner for Roy.

Roy with UPM students:

Roy with his new owner:


Remember Zink our cat now called Zinc??!! He tells us that he is enjoying life at his new happy home and that we need not worry about his owners. They are full of commitment to share all they have with Zinc.


As we MAKE YEAR 2015 & BEYOND `My COMMITMENT TOWARDS MY PET', we like to thank the owners for giving our animals a second chance. In January, 14 homes (1 cat and 13 dogs & puppies) were found. Here's some photos from adoptions in January:


Nolan, now known as Rock, had finally called it quits at SPCA, and has found a new home. Though we were unsure for his future when he was with us, we did not give up. He was a very timid and nervous dog when he first came to the SPCA and would not approach anyone who visited him. From time to time, he gained his confidence with the help of a few volunteers who worked with him and overcame his nervousness. Kudos! to the volunteers who have helped changed his life. Rock is now a happy dog.

This is what the owner Mr. Lee has to say about him.
"Nolan now likes to be called Rock. This is to reflect his true spirit. He sits proudly with courage under our rambutan tree (see photo below) the moment he arrived at his new home. He is no longer timid but has turned into a proud and courageous dog. He plays along well with his older brother Jack (photo below)."


At this time of the year, SPCA receives batches of 1st year Veterinary students for 'Off Campus Training at Animal Shelter'. Here the students will get an insight into what an animal shelter is all about. Hands-on training working together with shelter staff and volunteers and understanding what animal welfare is all about was their main aim. This practice was part of the requirements from the University to provide the students with some exposure to veterinary animal shelter practice, plus care and management of animal shelters.

SPCA ADOPTION DRIVE AT PRANGIN MALL 12th - 15th FEBRUARY in collaboration with Perfect Companion Group
At the invitation from the Organiser, Petster, and in collaboration with SmartHeart Kids Adventure Tour 2015 Roadtrip-Tour, SPCA will be having an adoption drive at Prangin Mall. This event is to bring awareness to the public on its animal abandonment slogan theme "Start Loving Start Young".

SPCA will bring some of its animals awaiting adoption for display as well as promoting its merchandise. We hope to see you all there. Smartheart will be promoting its pet food items.


This is scheduled for February 21st at 9 a.m. sharp. Should anyone wish to be a volunteer and does not know how to go about it, kindly download the volunteer application form, complete and bring it along with you that day. It is compulsory for all new volunteers to attend before they start to volunteer at the SPCA.

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, please do take care with your pets.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!



If you would like to contribute the following, please do add the following to your cart when you are out for your grocery shopping:
  • Mosquito Sprays
  • A good camera for taking pictures of animals for adoption etc.
  • Malaseb or Triseb Shampoo for dogs with skin problems.
We thank the many who have answered to our appeal and contributed donations in kind for the month in January.

From a volunteer:

From Uplands School CAS Group:

From SMJK Chung Ling, Form 4: