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Edition: January 2018


SPCA Penang Contact:
Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia. (604)2816559 (6016)4166559
Email: info@spca-penang.net
Web: www.spca-penang.net

We welcome visitors to the shelter.

Kindly note our visiting hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm

Saturday : 10am - 12.30pm

We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).

Our phone is manned 7 days a week until 7pm. Emergency calls will only be handled during daylight hours.



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SPCA TEAM Penang wishes all a very 'Happy New Year 2018'. Our grateful thanks and appreciation to all our members, friends and supporters who have made the year 2017 meaningful and fruitful for the society, though the year was not as promising economically.




With blessings from all, we hope Year 2018 will bring us good tidings for the betterment of animal welfare in general.


Our adoption as at year end 2017 saw 73 dogs and 25 cats leave the shelter for their happy and forever homes. Fourteen dogs and 3 cats were adopted in December. We were indeed glad to see Benji, a male dog who has been at the shelter for a while, able to find a home. Benji has been a very shy dog and will not interact with anyone else freely whenever he's visited. However, he has won the hearts of his new found family. Thanks to his new family who found him as their match.

During December, we had 4 tiny young pups temporarily fostered. Two ended up adopted while being fostered. What is fostering about? Fostering is all about helping to save lives. Young puppies and kittens at a very young age have low immune system. They need to be cared for and nursed until they are strong enough (reaching at least 8 weeks) to be able to get the primary vaccinations. They are not that safe to be left at shelters, they are better off in a home environment. If there's anyone keen to support our fostering program, do please speak to our officer in charge.

Currently being fostered:

Fostered then adopted by their foster family:



Kids' Workshops on Responsible Pet Ownership

We operated five sessions of kids' workshop tailored for kids from ages 6 to 13 years, including children from Pusat Sinar and Fairview International School. The children had great fun learning the responsibilities as pet owners should they decide to keep pets in the future. They were also taught handling, cleaning and bathing the animals as well as recognizing the gender of the animals at the shelter.


Event at Occupy Beach Street

We are ever grateful to the organisers of Occupy Beach Street for always inviting us to their functions. As we are short of manpower, we sincerely hope that we will be able to join in each time whenever called upon. To volunteers who have signed up in helping to create animal awareness and fundraising activities, this is a good step for you to show your support.


We are looking for ways to improve the shelter wherever needed and to make the lives of our 4 paw friends more comfortable while awaiting homes. We have just completed some tiling work on our kennel runs for 15 kennels. This was made possible by the continuous contribution from our kennel sponsors who care enough to continue sponsoring the kennels annually at RM2000 per kennel. There are still many more kennels to be adopted. If you would like to sponsor a kennel in support of the shelter, or In Memory of your paw friend or your loved ones, we welcome you to drop by at the shelter and talk to our officers in charge.



The festive Chinese New Year is around the corner. We are again trying to raise as much as we can through the sale of cookies for this festivity. Please find below the flier with details of the cookies for your to order. Closing date for your orders is 30th January latest and collection date is 9th February from the shelter. Early orders and collection is acceptable too.


Our next volunteer briefing workshop will be held on Saturday 20th January 2018. This briefing will start at 9 a.m. sharp. We would like to remind anyone who wishes to participate in this briefing to be punctual as we do not wish to have others waiting.


Our sincere thanks to Pets Corner Sdn Bhd. for giving us the opportunity to be one of the recipients of the Hill's Food, Shelter and Love program. Under this program, the shelter has received a donation of 80 kg of Hill's Feline food for cats at our shelter.

We are in need of the following:

1. Cod Liver Oil for our shelter animals
2. Canned food for dogs
3. Unpolished rice for dogs
4. Scouring cream for cleaning kennel wall tiles
5. Brushes and white wall paint

SPCA Team - Thank You