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Issued: January 2, 2014


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We welcome visitors to the shelter.

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Year 2013 has gone past and we are now in Year 2014.

Good Greetings and a Happy New Year to all our Members, Supporters, Associates and Friends of SPCA Penang. Your commitment towards the society has graciously provided us with the ability to remain active in what we do to improve the welfare of animals in our community.

SPCA Penang ushered in the New Year together with 6,600 participants at the 'City Walk 1.1.2014' held in conjunction with City Day organized by MPPP together with the Penang Adventurers Club. We appreciate the initiative of JRPPA, MPPP in inviting SPCA Penang to the above event. Our presence was to create awareness on the work of SPCA as well as to encourage 'Responsible Pet Ownership'. Along with it, SPCA organized a booth to sell its merchandise as a means of fundraising.

All participants, the young and old, enjoyed their 5 km walk passing through all the heritage sites in Georgetown. It was a memorable day for all. SPCA also gave away our limited wall calendars for the goodies bags and 10 subsidized neutering vouchers as Lucky Draws to the winning participants.

You can view a gallery of the photos from the City Walk event by clicking here.


As at end year 2013, we have recorded a total of 90 cats and dogs neutered under this program. A total of approximately RM17,000 has been utilized for distribution of neutering subsidies as well as for neutering and vaccinations of pound animals. We have also arranged for a further 32 cats and dogs (our adoptees) to be neutered at point of adoption.

To mark the New Year and in line with our CM's call to aim for zero strays, SPCA will again run a month 'Please Spay, Prevent Strays Neutering Campaign' to fight the pet overpopulation (from January 1 thru January 31, 2014). We strongly urge pet owners to seriously consider neutering their pets. This will indeed help cut down the unnecessary euthanasia by animal shelters as well as having to see sickly/unhealthy animals left to roam in the streets. This offer is extended to pet owners from the low income group. The pet (dog or cat) must be at least 5-6 months old, healthy with no skin disease. Pets (mongrels only) must be vaccinated with proof of vaccinations Health Record Card.

To apply, kindly download the application form here.

We welcome anyone who would like to contribute towards the above mentioned neutering fund. To know more on how you can contribute, kindly call or go to our website and click on the 'DONATE' button and do please mentioned specifically that you would want your donation to go into the neutering fund.

Click here to view the press release from the Chief Minister on aiming for zero strays.

At the stroke of 5 p.m. on 31st Dec. 2013, we were so delighted to send off 'Bonnie' our last adoptee for the year to his new happy home. The year saw 135 happy and forever homes for our adoptees. We are sad to note that the adoption rate has not reached 10% of the number of animals we have picked, received and collected. We hope to find more forever homes. We need everyone's effort to spread around this message 'Save a life, Adopt a pet from a shelter'. The lucky ones in December (Tami, Sarsi, Lunee, Jazper, Cempa & Bonnie):

Though we would love to see all animals available at shelters to be given a second chance, we advise anyone willing to adopt/save a life to be doubly sure that one can be truly be committed for a period of at least 10 years and more. So, are you ready to own a pet? The following article will help guide you.

Don't underestimate the amount of time it takes to train and care for a pet.

So, you've just taken a puppy home. What now? First, no two dogs are the same so there are no hard & fast rules, but experts generally consider that it will take six to nine months to fully train a puppy. This does not involve just toilet-training but also ensuring the dog obeys your commands.

A puppy needs constant attention when you first bring it home - do you have the time?? A bored puppy can quickly become a destructive puppy. Don't decide to get a puppy and then leave it at home alone for hours on end. If you work or study full-time and there is no-one at home to take care of the puppy then think again - a puppy is not for you.

How much time does it take? Again because all dogs differ, this isn't an easy question, but exercising for one hour a day and training for a minimum of 20 minutes a day is a reasonable estimate - but this does not include toilet-training - this you must handle as soon as you get your puppy home. Expect to put in several hours a day into getting your new dog toilet-trained. It takes time and patience, and be prepared for accidents along the way. For obedience training, more than 20 minutes a day works with some dogs, but keep the individual training sessions short - maybe no more than 10 minutes. If you are going to give multiple training sessions in one day, then change the content in each session so your dog does not get bored.

Also you are not off the hook once you think your puppy is trained. Constant reinforcement is required - sometimes puppies can have short memories!

If you decide to adopt an adult dog, you will probably need to give as much time as you would for a puppy especially if the dog has never lived in a home environment. Many adult shelter dogs have been strays all their lives, or at least for a considerable amount of time. They are not toilet-trained and often do not obey simple commands. They too, need time to adjust and learn.

This website has some good articles on the training of dogs of all ages. And there's lots of good tips here from a dog behaviour consultant.


Toilet-training a cat or kitten is normally quite easy as the use of a litter box is instinctive. Obedience training is difficult as cats do not understand punishment. You need to reinforce good behavior with treats. Kittens love to play so be sure your kitten has toys of its own to play with. If you have other animals at home, introduce the new addition slowly to the other animal(s) and supervise - don't leave them alone until they are comfortable with each other.

This website has great information on handling a cat or kitten. The website is split into (a) kittens up to 1 year old, (b) 1+ year, (c) 7+ years and (d) 11+ years. Royal Canin also has an informative website for cats, kittens, dogs & puppies.


Close to 70 dogs and cats were reported missing last year. Only 20 (that we know of) were happily reunited with their families. We would like to advise pet owners to exercise more care towards their pets. At this time of the year, especially during the festive season, pets are frightened by the sounds of fire crackers. Do ensure that your pet is safely secured within your compound. Be cautious when one prepares to drive/walk out of the gate, take a look behind you and ensure that your pet animal does not dash/follow you out. One good example was 'Hogan'. He was indeed very fortunate to be reunited within a day of being at the SPCA.


This event organized on 14th Dec. 2013 by USM 2013/2014 Community Service Persatuan Bahasa Tionghua was a success. Along with it, the students organized a number of events such as Food Fair, Coloring Competition, Big Eater Competition, Advertisement Sponsors, Sale of Breakfast & Candy for Charity, Bicycling Event. We gratefully thank all the students in the organizing team for having chosen SPCA as their beneficiary. A big 'Thank you' also to all the Sponsors who have contributed to help the students run the project smoothly. Their hard work and efforts put in towards the success of the event was overwhelming. It was indeed a great pleasure working with the students.

Volunteer Briefing - 18th Jan. 2014

Volunteer Briefing for all new volunteers who wish to know how they can volunteer at SPCA. We welcome anyone who is interested to know us better and would like to join the SPCA as a member.