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***October 17, 2015***

Following a meeting with Director General of Vet Services Dept. yesterday this is to advise pet owners and social carers who managed their pets in their own community to get the animal rabies vaccination initiated at the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan at RM5/-

The RM5 is for admin charges.

Should you wish to get the vaccines done at private vet clinics, the admin charge fee is RM10/-

The State Vet is trying to get all private vet clinics to take the vaccines. However, pet owners are asked to call their vet to check if they have the vaccines already.


Looking after a Pet is like looking after a child. There is always so much to learn and understand. Click here for General Information/Contacts which you may find useful – includes a full list of phone & fax numbers of all Enforcemnet Units throughout Malaysia.Here are some helpful links which provide information on pet related resources.