Tomato is my name!

I was previously known as ‘Spots’. Now my new owner calls me ‘Tomato’. I’m very lucky that I have found a good owner. Thank you to SPCA!

Now at my new house, I learn a lot. I have a trainer to teach me to be an obedient puppy. Well…actually I am a good puppy but sometimes you know puppies are like that!!! Last week was my first training session with my trainer. The training was amazing. Everyone was telling me “smart girl”. I know how to ‘sit’ and ‘hand’ (still improving on that!)

I have another talent also. You know what, I can pose very well for the camera. You can check out my pics… I have to go now. It’s dinner time…yummy I’m hungry.

So see all of you!! SPCA thank you again for your good work and to my family, “I love you so much”

Signing off Tomato, woof! woof!