SPCA Merchandise

SPCA is a tax exempted charitable organization with no grant from the government. Apart from depending on public donations, subscriptions and other fundraising activities, we sell merchandise to raise funds to cover the daily expenditure of the society. Do your part by buying these items from us and at the same time you contribute to the welfare of the animals. We can also customize these items to your purpose if you purchase in bulk. Great items for corporate or marketing event door gifts. Simply give us a call or pay us a visit to place your order or find out more. Alternatively, you can also buy merchandise from our Friends of SPCA. Part of the proceeds on merchandise sold will be donated to SPCA.

We have a great choice of merchandise for sale. Browse through our online shop and order these affordable items as great personal souvenirs or gifts (you may also come to SPCA to buy items [prices slightly lower as we don’t have to pay ecommerce commission] but please call first to check on ready stock).

Please note our shipping fees include packaging and handling by Poslaju/City Link – EXCEPT for Foodstuffs, these are strictly self-collect at SPCA.

At the moment our Shop does not include a back-order facility.
If there is insufficient stock for your order, please contact us with your requirements. Thank you and Happy Shopping!



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