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Wildlife Departments in Malaysia

For your dog training needs

Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation – A list of veterinary departments, local authorities, animal shelters that could assist with any problems concerning animals in Malaysia

National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health – Pet Health information and understand more about pet nutrition, diseases and treatments

Cesar Millan Foundation

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  • You find a lost dog wearing a tag. Make a note of the license number on the tag and call 04 2638818 extension 212. They will be able to give you the name & address of the person who licensed the dog.
  • Information on licensing of Wild Life in Malaysia – contact the Wild Life Departmnet in Komtar on 04 2613039
  • You find injured Wild Life – e.g. bird, monkey. Contact State Vet Dept., Jalan Kampung Jawa Baru, tel 04 2285734
  • You need information on importing/exporting animals in Malaysia. Contact the State Vet Dept at Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam on 04 5084368
  • You need to get a dog license. Go to MBPP, Jalan Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade), 04 2638818 or MPSP on 04 5402566
  • You have a problem with stray dogs or cats. SPCA does not catch healthy stray animals. Strays are the responsibilities of the local councils. Should you have a problem with stray dogs or cats, kindly contact the MBPP at 04 2592189/2810850/2592291 or MPSP at 04 5402566, the authorities in charge. SPCA will help to pick/collect strays only if the animals are confined in the compound or in an enclosed area. However, a contribution is expected towards the service.
  • You think your pet may have been taken away by the council for roaming, the MBPP pound is on Jalan Sungai, off Jalan Sungai Pinang and they can be contacted on 04 2810850.
  • You are worried about health issues because of stray cats, contact the Health Department on 04 2592291.
  • You need to board your pet. Contact your vet.
  • You want to report animal abuse in Penang – contact the Enforcement Unit on 04 5059460/5084879
  • You want a stray carcass removed – call MBPP on 04 2633000. SPCA does provide a chargeable additional service for the disposal of a pet carcass – call us on 04 2816559