Pet Memorial

The loss of a pet can be like the loss of a child or a family member. There are so many memories and feelings of emptiness. We may find a new pet companion but the loss of a beloved pet will never fade. This pet memorial and tribute page offers you a place to grieve and share with others who may have experienced or appreciate your loss. We can never replace that life but we can keep it in our memory.

NAME of CAT: Robin aka Bin Binrobin
BORN: Year 2007
Passed away on 26th July 2013
MESSAGES: Our Dearest Angel Robin. Thank you for the 7 PURRFECT years of joy, happiness and love you gave us. May your soul be blessed.
With much love from Kung Kung, Grandma, Mummy May, Mummy Cherrie and Scobb

Date posted: 9 Aug 2013


NAME: Emmett
MESSAGES: Donation is in loving memory of my beloved rabbit, Emmett, who passed away a year ago.
OWNER: Isabelle Lim
Date posted: 9 Jan 2012

NAME: Gremlingremlin
MESSAGES: Always remembered by the Lim Family.

OWNER: Siew Yean
Date posted: 30 Jun 2008



OWNER: Ms. Choo Siew Eng
Date posted: 7 Nov 2008

MESSAGES: In memory of MIKO, beloved Persian cat. (Age: 13 years)
OWNER: Lau Hoon See
Date posted: 1 Dec 2008

MESSAGES: In remembrance of OXYGEN who had passed away. (Age: 17 years)
OWNER: Mr & Mrs Rajpal Singh (SPCA Adoptee)
Date posted: 25 Dec 2008

MESSAGES: In memory of HARMONY and JOY. OWNER: Cynthia Ng Date posted: 27 Dec 2008

NAME: RUBY Ooiruby
MESSAGES: Fondly missed by owner. (Passed away on 19 Mar 09)
OWNER: Lee Seow Hong
Date posted: 19 Mar 09



MESSAGES: A loving family pet sadly missed. His sudden departure was a great loss and is always in our memory.

OWNER: Mr. & Mrs. N.A. Sundrasekaran
Date posted: Sep 2009