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  Dear Members & Friends,


Good greetings to all!

We are almost at Year End 2022 and getting ready to greet the New Year 2023. We just wish that our paw friends are able to sense that too. Many have asked how we fare with the current situation. We have our ups and downs and we are blessed with the many members and supporters who care and answer our needs.

We hope the New Year 2023 will bring us more cheer to help improve the state of operations at the shelter for the betterment of the animals under our care. SPCA appreciates the support and concern for animal welfare extended by all concerned. From the bottom of our hearts, we say `Thank you’.



Why is neutering of pets necessary?

We need to address the need to spay/castrate animals brought in to shelters. Many people don’t wish to understand, and get very stressed when we discuss the neutering of an animal adopted from our shelter. Some think that it is unnatural, unfair/cruel for humans to tamper with the animal's natural instinct. Neutering indeed saves lives. At the office, we are often stressed by calls daily for surrendering of pets by owners, feeders and rescuers simply because they are not able to cope with the number of animals they have cared for.

Neutering reduces the over-population of pets and the euthanasia of animals at shelters. Furthermore, it decreases the risk of gonadal and mammary tumors. Often, we hear of bitches and queens with pyometra and male dogs with prostatic tumor problems when owners request for their carcasses to be disposed. These problems can be arrested if neutering is done at an early age. It will also help reduce hormonal changes in behavior. Thus, it may increase longevity of life in pets.


Adoption is a Promise!

Our procedures for adopting a pet are very simple. When one visits the shelter with a view to adopt, we ensure that adopters are aware of our policy to not allow the pets adopted to procreate. Compulsory neutering of cats and spaying of a female dog is required of every adoptee when an adoption is carried out. This is made possible with every adopter as a neutering deposit will be taken when the pet adopted has not reached the age for neutering. Ample reminders will then be given by the staff to ensure that the adoptee is neutered within the month when it is due. The neutering deposit will then be refunded with proof of neutering from the veterinarian concerned.

The November month was steady as in the previous month. We had three cats & nine dogs adopted. We hope the December month would bring us hope for better adoptions.



Group Visits

We appreciate the many requests from schools, colleges and organisations to visit and perform their community service at the shelter. Group visits are always welcome. However, we would like to be notified in advance by dropping us an email at info@spca-penang.net to let us know the date and time of visit. We would still like to limit the number of people visiting to no more than ten if possible.

SPCA collaborated with 'Friends with Fur' Inti College group of students to raise awareness of SPCA.

This group of students also help raise funds by promoting their cookies sale at the college. Our grateful thanks to all concerned for making the project a success.


A Gift from Straits International School

From a fundraising campaign held in July for 4 NGOs, we are happy to receive a KARCHER High Pressure Washer and some cash donations from the Straits International School. SPCA appreciates the efforts put in by the Teachers and Students to make the fundraising a success. To Straits International School, we thank you all for the job well done!

With the initiative of teacher Ms. Gillian and three students namely Ying Han, Jia Chen and Sher Lynn, a booth was set up to promote our calendars and bags at SIS 10th Anniversary on 12th November.



Charity Christmas Bazaar at Straits Quay

After a long absence of two years due to the pandemic, we finally had the opportunity to be invited to the above event held on 26th and 27th November. Thanks to Ms. Marlene Fox and the E&O for giving NGOs the space to create awareness of the various charities in the Penang community.

The event was indeed fruitful and we appreciate the patronage of everyone who tried to do their bit for charity at this hard and trying time. Also, thanks to the Star Feature Writer Ms. Ellen Whyte for highlighting the event.



Christmas Gifts for Friends

Christmas is around the corner. Are you looking for gifts for your friends? Do drop by the shelter or browse our shop online.

Our latest collection of tee shirt for cat lovers to promote 'Don’t breed or buy' is now available at RM27 per piece. Due to the increase in the cost of printing, the price of our new tshirt from now on will be increased. However, we will still maintain the price at RM22 for our old stock of tshirts while stock lasts.


Chinese New Year Cookies
We will be selling CNY cookies soon as a means of fundraising for the shelter. Do keep us in mind and watch out for our flier coming soon.


Volunteer Briefing
Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 17th December. Time: 9.30 a.m. at the SPCA premises. Do register here only for the month that you are able to attend. Thank you.


SPCA Wish List

1. We need volunteers who have the skill and spare time to come give a new coat of paint on our kennels.

2. White High Gloss paint appreciated.

3. Kitten food pouches are highly used as many young kittens are brought in.

4. Any kind of supplements for dogs and cats appreciated.







Thank you