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  Dear Members & Friends,

It’s heartening to note that almost daily the Star Social Media focuses more and more on animal issues,  be it on domesticated pets and on wildlife issues. In the recent news it featured that over 60% of animal welfare complaints were against pet owners in the last two years. This is nothing new to us as the shelter also receives many complaints of the same manner. Many owners mean well to own but lack awareness on their responsibilities, thus leading to negligence in the animal’s welfare. This means that pet owners sometimes neglect the 5 FREEDOMS which should be observed.

      1. Freedom from hunger and thirst – enough good food & water to keep them healthy.

                  All pets should be ready access to fresh water and the correct diet.

      2. Freedom from discomfort – comfortable cages or resting areas.

                 You should provide your pet with a comfortable resting area. It is cruel to chain                    and cage your pet all the time (day and night).

      3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease – rapid veterinary treatment if they are ill.

                 Seek early treatment if  your pet is unwell.

      4. Freedom to express normal behaviour – so they have enough space and company.

                Your pet should have enough space and the company of your family.

      5. Freedom from fear and distress – treatment that avoids mental suffering.

                Make sure that the conditions that you keep your pet in will avoid mental           



We are a month away from the New Year 2020 and it’s time to say goodbye to Year 2019. Let us all hope that pet animals stay as a priority in the hearts of all pet owners with the 5 FREEDOMS in mind. Let us hope that Animal Care is introduced in schools to students as part of the syllabus under one of the Moral subjects.


Adoption Highlights

In November, we had two cats and four dogs adopted. We are happy to record that our paw friend "Gin"  finally found a home after an eight months stay at the shelter. Gin is a lovable dog who gets along well with all the dogs at the shelter.



Happenings at the SPCA Shelter

We are glad to be of service to schools, colleges and universities in helping them with whatever projects they have assigned to them in the process of their education. Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) projects from Institutions and companies are never left out too. During the past month, SPCA has received visits and community service work done from the following.


Group from Dell:


Interact Club of Union High School came to make a donation:


Group from Grov Design Studio:


Two visits were made to Tenby International School where SPCA Officers gave a short talk to 3-5 year old children. Our puppies and kittens were brought in to allow the kids to interact with the animals. As most do not own a pet, one could see so much excitement in them. The children showed no nervous signs, but were ever willing to touch and hold the animals in their arms.



LOVE Pets Fair at M Mall & Christmas Bazaar at Straits Quay
SPCA extends its appreciation to both Managements at M Mall Times Square and the Marina Mall Retail at Straits Quay for providing us space and free tables to promote our merchandise as a means of fundraising as well as creating awareness on SPCA work and activities. Special Thanks to Ms. Marlene Fox for remembering SPCA always as a needy Charity NGO.


Cookies for Sale for Christmas & Chinese New Year
SPCA will once again fundraise through sale of cookies for the Christmas and Chinese New Year. Look out for our flier for the above which is coming soon!


Volunteer Briefing

Kindly take note that our next volunteer briefing will be held on 21st December at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp. We sincerely wish to receive the presence and commitment from all volunteers who signed in. Please do attend on the date when you chose to come in.



SPCA Wish List

This is the season for giving, we appeal to our friends and members to support by:

1. Purchasing our merchandise to present as gifts for the Christmas season. We have mugs, tshirts, soft toys and calendars etc available. You can visit our shop on line to purchase.

2. Donating in cash or in kind (pet food, treats for animals etc) to the shelter. There are many ways for you to support. We would like a call from you to find out what we need.

3. Sponsor a Kennel at RM2,000 annually. We say "Thank You" to our new sponsor SEA Box Shipping for their commitment.

4. Drop by any unwanted and /or recyclable items which we can use to fundraise. We need funds to maintain and upkeep our services towards the community and our work at the shelter.

We say "Thank you" and the SPCA Team wishes all a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020".

SPCA TEAM - Thank you.