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Edition: November 2019

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  Dear Members & Friends,


Greetings from the SPCA Penang! It is a pleasure to share with you our updates of happenings at our shelter. We are in the last quarter of year 2019 and we like to thank you for your support in our work for animal welfare. Year 2020 is just 60 days away.


As usual, before we begin the New Year we fundraise with the sale of desktop calendars. Have you placed your orders for your calendar for year 2020 yet? Your purchase will help support our neutering fund for animals at the shelter. We thank all sponsors for their support in making this fundraising happen. We would now like to seek support from members and volunteers to help promote the sale. Kindly call us at 04 2816559 to find out how you can help.




Adoption Highlights

In October, we had three cats and three dogs adopted. To date, a total of 86 dogs and cats left the shelter for their happy homes.

Calls for surrendering of pets, especially cats, are many and our population of cats has increased. Trap Neuter Release is practiced as the reality is that not enough homes can be found. Members of the public are also advised of this should they want to save lives - neuter to prevent breeding.



Happenings at SPCA Shelter
Lately, much of our time has been spent on entertaining students from the various colleges, schools and universities. We are glad that our services and facilities have turned into providing education on responsible pet ownership towards our local community. Last month alone, we were swarmed by visits from students of the various faculties at Segi College. Besides their visits and doing community service, the students have in their own way raised funds for the shelter. A big "Thank you" to all involved.
Segi College students:
KDU students:


At the request of Sek. Keb St. Xaviers in Jalan Sekolah LaSalle, SPCA conducted a talk on Responsible Pet Ownership to all students of Standard Six Class. It was indeed overwhelming to note that the students whom have kept dogs are aware that they need to leash their dogs while walking them out and also to carry a plastic bag with them to pick up the poo. This is indeed a good step forward towards Responsible Pet Ownership. Most of the students who have no pets were thrilled with the presence of two kittens which we brought along. They were taught on how to handle a pet should one want to own one.


A similar visit was made at SMJK Chung Ling High School at the request of the Aquarium Society. A talk was given.


Visit by Staff of the Iconic Hotel
We are glad that under its CSR project, the Iconic Hotel chose to place our donation box at its hotel to raise awareness, as well as collecting donations for the society. We were also presented with pet food for our paw friends.


Follow Up on the Abandoned Dog "Rum"
Many concerned pet lovers are keen to know the progress of "Rum" the lost and/or abandoned and unkempt shihtzu dog found in the Batu Uban area. We confirm it as an abandoned case as no one has so far come to claim ownership. He is doing well and looking handsome as you can see with all the fur shaven bald. What he needs now is a caring owner who is able to commit and care to give him another chance for a lifetime. Will you care to be his partner?


Christmas Bazaar @Straits Quay, 10am-8pm, November 30 & December 1

This event will be held at the Marina Mall in Straits Quay. We hope to get support from all shoppers. We do wish to receive the support and service of volunteers who are keen to help with this fundraising. We need 4-5 hours help from each volunteer. If there’s any volunteer interested, kindly email info@spca-penang.net and indicate the time that you would be willing to help.


Volunteer Briefing
Kindly take note that our next volunteer briefing will be held on November 16th at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp. We sincerely wish to receive the presence and commitment from all volunteers who signed in. Please do attend on the date when you choose to come in.


SPCA Wish List

We keep receiving requests to take in unwanted cats & kittens daily and in big numbers. Our population of cats at the shelter has grown. We would like to appeal to:

1. Pet owners - to neuter them to stop breeding. A queen cat can produce 3 to 4 times a year. The ideal age to neuter females is around 5-6 months of age and tom cats at age 7-8 months.

2. Social Feeders – before you start feeding and allowing multiplication, please consult a vet clinic or call us for advice on how you can feed and at the same time control the population of strays.


Thank you.