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World Animal Day 4th October


Let’s make a difference this World Animal Day and pledge that we all help put a stop to cruelty/neglect and abuse of animals seen around us. Many may not know that there is an Animal Welfare Act 2015 which was passed in 2017. How does this work together with the Animal Act 1953? Read the details here.


SPCA has received many reports of viral videos being circulated and we have been asked to check and act. Checking on the source  is crucial. Most viral videos posted could possibly be out-dated and no agencies in Malaysia can act upon this especially when it happened outside of Malaysia. The animal cruelty shown in these videos spurs a lot of emotions amongst pet lovers all over.

We would encourage the public NOT to circulate these videos on social media as this is just what the perpitrators want us to do. 

Usually when we ask the person who contacted us where they got the video, they just say from a friend, or they saw it "somewhere". It's not clear who originally posted the video, which country it is from or when it was taken. And yet they expect us to do something. If you really feel that the video was taken in Malaysia, then please contact the Department of Veterinary Services in your area to investigate it. And it's important to provide them with as much information as possible on where you got the video.

For your information, to date not one of these videos has been proven to have been taken in Malaysia.




Adoption Highlights

Only four dogs left our shelter with their new found owners in September. Happiness was all around us at the shelter when we saw Chilly, who was with us for a long period of time found her suitor.



Happenings at the SPCA Shelter
The month of September saw many students from various schools, colleges and universities requesting to spend  time here to perform their co-curriculum activities. Thank you to all involved. You have also made the lives of our paw friends happier with your presence to interact and socialize with them while waiting for their new homecoming adopters.
Donation presentation from SJKC Han Chiang - funds generated by students from their school project:
Han Chiang University College students doing volunteer work:
Inti College Students doing their community service:
The Glasses of Han Chiang University College students:


Support our Neutering Fund
It’s the time of the year where we fundraise through sale of SPCA Calendar 2020. Funds raised from this will help us provide vaccinations and neutering for our shelter animals. This fund will also help us to subsidize pet owners from the low income group with our neutering vouchers. Our calendars will be on sale soon at RM10 each. Do place your orders with us. Free delivery will be offered within Georgetown limit for purchase of 20 pieces and above.


How could you?

'Rum' as named by us could have been once a novelty of the house. He entertained his owner with his antics and made them laugh. He was full of excitement whenever he gets his belly rubbed and makes his owner happy. As a pup, his daily grooming was patiently carried out. He could have been a 'prince' in the family, well taken care of and loved by everyone as he made them happy.

As time goes by when he began to age, the novelty wears off. He waited patiently for his daily grooming and regular visit to the groomer for his bath. That did not happen and he is now a prisoner of love. Is he abandoned or genuinely lost? For the many concerned people on our facebook page, Rum will need a good grooming soon. We don't mind a volunteer for this service. Thank you.


Volunteer Briefing
Kindly take note that our next volunteer briefing will be held on 19th Oct. at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp. We sincerely wish to receive the presence and commitment from all volunteers who signed in. Please do attend on the date when you choose to come in.


SPCA Wish List

We wish to appeal for the following:

1. Mask & gloves for volunteers use

2. Dental treats and ceramic water bowls for dogs

3. Pet food for cats and kittens

4. Other sundry items: Lidi brooms, drain brushes, CIF cream cleanser etcetera for cleaning purposes


Thank you.