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Edition: September 2022

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  Dear Members & Friends,


Good greetings to all!

The never ending calls we receive to complain of strays here and there keep coming. Many have asked "How do we get the animals admitted into the shelter?". We listen to their stories before deciding to accept.

Most of our animals at the shelter are abandoned strays brought in by the public. Some are injured in accidents/fights or stricken by disease. The moment they enter the shelter we provide extensive resources to care for their daily needs in providing food, health checks and routine vaccinations etcetera should they be found healthy and suitable to be placed for adoption. We try at great length to help find homes for the many that pass through the shelter.

We are not shy to state that we do not have a "no kill" policy. With this policy, we don’t turn away members of the public who genuinely need help. Anyone who brings in an animal needs to understand very well, that they need to leave it to the SPCA’s discretion. It is for the public to decide if they should or should not leave the animal at the shelter. They are also given the choice to contact other shelters if necessary.

Shelter life for animals is certainly boring. The animals wait and wait for someone to come along to visit or take them out. Maybe it is much better for them to be out as strays to enjoy the freedom they are used to. Not many people are comfortable seeing strays roaming around and it's not that they have no compassion or concern for animals. But then…what will happen next no one knows. Will they get their next meal from kind souls or may need to visit the bins in the neighborhood?

Most people choose to come as there are no other alternatives where they can leave the stray animals. Reason being they are turned away by the so called "no kill" shelters stating that they are full. Some shelters demand a fee and the rescuers can’t afford to contribute.

Again and again, we encourage very much on Responsible Pet Ownership. Adoption is a promise! If you are not prepared to commit, having a pet is not for you. If you do decide postively please Don’t Shop, Don’t Buy/Adopt. Visit shelters to find out how you can help to be close to animals!



Animal Adoptions

Our adoption of cats and dogs, as at to date in 2022 touched 70. The rate of adoption has been slow recently. We had eight dogs and cats adoptedin August. We understand that due to the economic situation everyone is being careful with their expenditure. We also feel the strain as prices of pet food, drugs for animal treatment etc have increased.



Harp Concert at the Harp Academy - A Fundraiser for SPCA Penang
Our animals are indeed blessed with support from both sisters Annabelle and Isabelle Low for hosting the Harp Charity Concert performance on 21st August in Kuala Lumpur. Special thanks to Isabelle Low for her arduous efforts put  in to making the concert a great success. To the audiences and sponsors, we thank you for your wonderful support. A sum of RM1,680 was raised. As requested, funds raised will be utilized for purchase of food for our shelter animals.


SPCA Calendars 2023

We would like to invite our volunteers who have signed up to help in fundraising for SPCA to come forward to help promote our sale of calendars. This fundraiser is to help maintain our neutering fund for TNR program, neutering of shelter animals as well as providing neutering vouchers to pet owners who are not able to afford the neutering fee.

We welcome any volunteers who would like to help promote the sale of these calendars for a good cause in their shop outlets.


Moon Cake Festival
Today is the last day to order!! Please call us on 04 2816559.


Veterinary Students at Work

SPCA had the opportunity of hosting a group of first year veterinary students from Universiti Putra Malaysia for a period of two weeks. They had great fun working with the animals and staff at the shelter. We applaud them for their good team work performance.

Also present was Zachary Lau, a 2nd year veterinary student from the Royal Veterinary College University of London undertaking Animal Husbandry Extramural Studies at the shelter.

We hope they have gained much experience while working with us and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.


Volunteer Briefing

We had a good turnout of volunteers with no last minute cancellations at the last briefing held on 20th August.

Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 17th Sept. Time: 9.30 a.m. We like to remind those who sign up, please submit your application only when you are sure of attending the above briefing on that particular month chosen. We also request that you arrive on time as the briefing will start at 9.30 a.m.



SPCA Wish List

Whenever you think of our furry friends at the shelter, we do not mind if you add this to your sundries list. These are things which we need very often:


1. Few packs of Scour pad green scrub

2. 30 bottles of CIF scour cream

3. Whiskas pouch which are very much needed for very young kittens which are frequently brought in.

4. Goats milk powder

5. Dry and wet food(canned) for our dogs and cats


Do give us a call at 04-2816559 to discuss on how best you can donate. We appreciate any form of support given.

SPCA Team - Thank You