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If only we can emulate what the Thais do, this will be the way forward to check on the 'strays' problem in the country. In Penang, we have yet to see our new Dog Bylaws going through. This has been stated and promised for a long time that it is going to happen and yet it's an 'empty promise' by the Authorities and the Legal Department concerned. How long do we have to wait? The doors of the State Veterinary Department to allow neutering of cats and dogs by owners from the low income group have been shut. The society will foresee the rise in figures for man-made strays especially cats. To achieve being a 'Stray Free Malaysia' we hope the authorities concerned and the general community will have more consideration towards respect for Life which begins with concern and care for the environment and animals.



From The Star, August 24 edition:


Adoption Highlights

We saw an awesome improvement for the month of August with 9 dogs and 4 cats adopted. Our furry friends were lucky to have found their new families. We hope to give more pawsome news of adoptions.



Activities Happening Inside & Outside SPCA

Mural Art Painting

We are thankful to receive requests from volunteers to paint mural art at our premises. Volunteer Janice presented her piece which she had completed in 2 days. Thanks Janice for the efforts put in.

Pet Soul Liberation Ceremony at Kuan Yin See Temple

This was originally scheduled for 18th August but due to some technical glitches, it was postponed to the following week 24th August. A big 'Thank you' to all who registered in this meaningful event organized by Mr. T C Koay at My Pet Funeral. We thank you for putting SPCA Penang in the list of your beneficiaries. SPCA received a donation of RM2694.02.



Visit by Molly’s Merry Choristers

SPCA welcomed the visit by members of the Molly’s Merry Choristers. For the past two years the members of the group had channeled some of their proceeds to the society through their annual Christmas Caroling.


Visit by The House - an Educare and Enrichment Centre for children

Twenty seven kids including their teachers visited the shelter to know more about SPCA and its functions in society. Along with them they brought food for the animals and for the staff too. The kids as young as 2 years old up to 11 years enjoyed their visit very much. It is indeed a good idea to get the kids exposed to such an environment and get to know how these unwanted animals ended up at shelters.



Group visits from the Han Chiang School and MSU College in August

Han Chiang students:

We are grateful to the students from MSU College for their help in the clean-up after the storm of August 9:



Home Made Moon Cakes & Biscuits
The mid autumn festival falls on 13th September. We have supplies of Low Sugar Homemade Moon Cakes and Biscuits for Vegetarians and Non Vegetarians. If you would like to support, kindly place your orders accordingly. We appreciate your kind support.


Volunteer Briefing
Kindly take note that our next volunteer briefing will be held on 14th September at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp.


SPCA Wish List

There are always some items which are regularly needed at the shelter. Donations come in cash and in kind. Should you wish to donate, kindly call us at 2816559 and speak to our officer in charge.

Thank you.