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Saturday 17th August is marked as International Homeless Animals Day! It is notably commemorated with candlelight vigils, adopt-a-thons, spay neuter campaigns etc. to shed light on the pet overpopulation epidemic all over the globe. We have joined ISAR (International Society for Animal Rights) to commemorate this day since 17th August 2002 and urge the public to support by:

1. Adopting animals from shelters as there are far too many that have no place to go

2. Spaying/neutering their pet animal to avoid unwanted litters.

In line with this, SPCA has in the past organized events in many ways such as Dog Shows, Food Fairs, Open Day, Candle Light Vigils etc. to mark this day. Funds raised towards these are utilized for the neutering of our own shelter animals as well as subsidizing pet owners from the low income group in the form of neutering vouchers if any requests are made. The SPCA Management will offer 50 neutering vouchers only to pet owners. Application for this can be downloaded from the link




Pet Soul Liberation Ceremony(CHIAO TOH) -18th August at 10 a.m. to 12 pm.

Place: Kuan Im See Temple in Jalan Burma.

It’s still never too late to remember your beloved pets which left you dearly. The ceremony will include the chanting of prayers to appease the soul of your beloved pet which had left you. The program for the morning will include a talk on the topic why "chiao toh" and pet’s life cycle as Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Many owners hope to give them a better chance of returning to this world in a higher form. To register, kindly go to Link .



Adoption Highlights

In July, we had six dogs and two cats adopted. We are glad to note that our long-time resident 'Spotty' finally found another home. Spotty stayed at the shelter for a period of 14 months! There are still a few long-time residents waiting to be adopted. Please help encourage would be pet owners to save lives by adopting shelter animals into their home. Shelters are unable to handle all strays that are found abandoned and/or unwanted.


Paw Friends from Afar

It’s so heartening to hear our paw friends from afar are doing well in their new place. Two of our adopted cats 'Tingko' aka Brigitte and 'Ebbo' had left Malaysia for France and Austria respectively. This is what their parents say:

Hello everyone,

My name is Amelie. I've adopted a cat called Tingko in December 2018. Her new name is Brigitte from the Jungle. I just wanted to tell you that I took her back with me in France in June, and she's doing super fine thousands of kilometres away from her native land.

I want to thank you for the job you do and for the love you've given her, and all her feline fellows back in Malaysia. You'll find a picture showing the pounds she's put on since she arrived in my humble abode.



Dear SPCA,

In January 2018, we adopted a very adorable siamese mix (Ebbo) from the SPCA as a companion to our older cat (Frank).  Ebbo is an absolute angel and came with a lot of "attitude". He's talkative, absolutely clingy, and loving, plays fetch and objects to high pitched singing :-)

We moved to Austria last year and were concerned about how well these tropical cats will adjust to the weather, but they have settled in amazingly well. They were constantly snuggling and keeping one another as well as us warm during the winter and love chasing insects and birds during the summer.

Thank you for Ebbo and for your loving service.




Activities happening inside and outside of SPCA

Mural Art Painting

We say 'Thank You' to the students of One Art Academy Penang for their contribution towards this project.





Requests from students from other Colleges and Universities coming into the shelter to do community services were also happily entertained.

2nd & 3rd July donations from Inti College and Straits International


8th to 20th July UPM Students for their Industrial training program


27th July - Segi College Degree in Computer Science students



Volunteer Briefing

Our next volunteer briefing will be held on 17th August at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp.


SPCA Wish List


Thank you.