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Dear Members & Friends,


Good greetings to all!



SPCA Penang applauds the many Educational Institutions which have included an act of Community Service for the Mata Pelajaran Umum (General Studies Subjects) which is compulsory for students to pass in order to graduate. SPCA has collaborated with students at the various colleges and universities requesting for such program.

Our aim is to educate and broaden their knowledge on the society they chose, also to create awareness that respect for life begins with concern for animals and the environment we live in. Though most students claim that they have compassion for animals they are not familiar as to why there are so many abandoned and unwanted animals left at shelters. This community service will start with giving them a chance to handle animals, understand their needs and also inculcate responsible pet ownership in the minds of these students. Some have also opted to help with the promotion for adoption of animals and fundraising via the social media. We appreciate the many that chose to volunteer their services in this manner.

For fundraising, the various groups are using SimplyGiving for this. The various active groups now are:

Do support their efforts!


Some of the student groups social media posts:



Animal Adoption

Our adoptions for the month of June remained stable with eleven cats and dogs rehomed. We are delighted that Misky has found a new home after three years with us! Even with the animals adopted, the kennels and catteries are quickly filled up with strays brought in. Cats brought in are top on the list. A word of advice to feeders, when you begin to feed please think carefully, seek help to neuter the strays. Don’t wait till it gets pregnant and start calling to take them away!



"Adopt and Care" - an event by Ten Toes Pre-School
We were glad to be invited to the above event held at Ten Toes Pre-school in Lilitan Sungai Ara. The event showcased kittens and puppies for adoption and sale of merchandise. Monies raised from this event was donated towards the SPCA. SPCA appreciates the kind gesture from the teachers, parents and students in making the event a great success. SPCA was presented with a donation of RM2,000.


Some Photos from recent Community Service work at the shelter
Sentral College students:
Group from PSDC:
Students from Inti College:
Another Inti group:


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Should you be looking to support us and shop for our tshirts and canvas bags, find us at shopee https://shopee.com.my/search?keyword=spca%20penang



Volunteer Briefing
Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 16th July. Time: 9.30 a.m. Please don’t sign up if you are unsure of your attendance. Also, we would like to remind those who have signed up to be punctual.


SPCA Wishlist

With the inflation zooming in, the cost of living for pets is not spared. Our monthly expenditure will be increased. We just wish that our kind donors & supporters will continue providing the society in whatever manner they can. We appreciate any help provided. Do call (04 2816559) or email us (info@spca-penang.net) whenever you have charity in mind.


Thank you all and STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY