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  Dear Members & Friends,


Good greetings to all!



SPCA Penang would like to share with all of you, our presence at The Book Launch and Exhibition of Pawsible - a project spearheaded by Ms. Connie Tan, City Councillor and MBPP Sub-Committeeon Stray and Abandoned Dogs Chairperson - held at Gurney Plaza. Its gives an insight into the Local Government’s far sightedness in introducing TNR for stray and abandoned dogs on the island.

Daily when SPCA receives complaints of strays, it will direct members of the public to contact the MBPP. However, members of the public are not convinced and fear that the dogs taken in will be euthanized. SPCA would give assurance that as mentioned by the Mayor Dato Ar Yew Tung Seang "Stray dogs caught by MBPP will be taken into their facility at MBPP’S Vector and Veterinary Centre in Jalan Sungai. Unclaimed dogs caught will then be taken over by an NGO to be neutered and vaccinated against rabies before being released or rehomed". SPCA Penang applauds all concerned for the bold move and congratulates Ms. Connie Tan for the success of the project.

It is also time that the authorities give due consideration to prioritize reduction of the stray cat population. SPCA has been handling this for some time and even though there are no cat byelaws available, we hope the authorities will look into this to make the island stray free not only with dogs but with cats too!






Getting a License for your pet dog


Many have asked on the procedures to get a license for their pet dog. Any dog of age three months of age will need to obtain a license. This will only apply to pet owners residing in a landed property. Here is how one could get a licence from the Majlis Bandaran Pulau Pinang.


Animal Adoptions

Adoption in May closed with eleven cats and dogs leaving the shelter. A large number of  dogs and cats (especially over one year old) are awaiting good homes. We are not overly worried about the cats not being able to find homes but please do consider adopting an adult dog, they come with many benefits. Cats will be released after some time as they are much more independent on their own. Here at SPCA, TNR for cats is practiced.



Community Service
As our movement control for the covid 19 pandemic  ended finally as of 1st May, we have received many requests from the public to be allowed community service at the shelter. Though the movement control has relaxed, we are still careful and aim to restrict  to not more than 10 people at any one time. What do these individuals and groups do? Community services provide a range of activities from interacting/socializing with the pound animals, cleaning kennels and catteries etc as assigned. A short introduction of SPCA via power point presentation is given to create awareness on SPCA work and inculcate the importance of responsible pet ownership to the public.
Students from USM Tionghua Society Community Service Club
We are grateful to the students from Straits International School and the Prince of Wales Island International School for making regular visits to volunteer.
Students from Straits International School
Students from the Prince of Wales Island International School


Alternative Protein Source for Pet Food

Recently, a representative of SPCA attended the session on Alternative Protein Source for Pet Food made from black soldier fly larvae organized by Pet World Nutrition Sdn. Bhd in Shah Alam. We were given to understand that the flies are native to Malaysia and do not bite or sting. They are fed with food by-products, plus palm oil waste. The end product is hypo-allergenic so the food should be good for animals with skin issues. And it is easily digested so should be beneficial for animals with digestive problems. 

This protein source for pets sounds interesting and we hope it will benefit the strays in time to come if this product is viable. We have expressed interest in using this product when it becomes available.


Volunteer Briefing
Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 18th June. Time: 9.30 a.m. Please don’t sign up if you are unsure of your attendance. Also, we would like to remind those who have signed up to be punctual.


Be a Foster Parent

We have continuing requirements for foster homes for young puppies and kittens. You can read all about being a foster parent here. Do contact us (info@spca-penang.net) if you think you can help.



SPCA Wishlist

Daily essentials most needed for our shelter animals are:


1. Dog food : canned and dry (this is very much needed during breakfast)

2. Cat food: canned and dry (needed for breakfast and refill when empty)

3. Vitamins such as Cod Liver Oil and probiotics

4. Minced meat cooked with dogs’ rice


We thank our donors who send in the above regularly whenever called upon. To know more on how you can donate, please call us at 04-2816559 /016-4166559 and talk to our officers.


Thank you all and STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY