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Since the start of Ramadan, we have been flooded with numerous calls regarding the surrendering of cats. Hari Raya season is now upon us, and we hope not to receive more calls like this. No one is purr..fect, we understand when one says it was a stray when it came, we fed it and that’s how it progressed to so many. It is common sense that when we feed we must realize that the population will grow. The most humane thing we can do is to stop the breeding if we decide to carry on feeding.

Next is the blame on the State Veterinary Department as they have decided to stop the neutering services offered to the general community in the state of Penang. The reason given was that they are unable to obtain the anaesthetic drugs used by the department. We are sure there are other means and ways to obtain the anaesthetic drug should the department sees the need and urgency to 'stop this littering' all over before Penang gets flooded with cats!!

The recent publicity of StarMetro dated 2nd May highlighted a 'NEW CLINIC IS MEOW-SIC TO THE EARS' where the facility offers quality, yet cheaper veterinary care and pet boarding services. Surgical facilities are also available at the clinic in Jalan Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam. This is indeed commendable. However, it is our fervent hope that the State Veterinary Department will improve its facility and continue to carry out neutering services again for the general public.


Disted students helping with tiny kittens


Adoption Highlights

In May, we were only able to re-home 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 guinea pigs. The 2 guinea pigs were dumped in a school compound. We are thankful for the response and interest shown by our readers.


Foster Home Needed Urgently

Our thanks to the gentleman who came in yesterday after we posted a plea for a foster home. He took all three of these puppies. But later in the day another very young pup was brought in so we are looking for another foster home for 2-3 weeks. If you think you can help, please call us on 042816559.



Lost & Found Poodles & Shih Tzus
It has become a norm lately for cases of lost and found poodles, shih tzus and other breed dogs to be brought in to the shelter. Most are of adult age and have health issues. We believe they may have been intentionally abandoned by their owners. Welcoming a dog into your home comes with a commitment of at least 10-15 years and is a huge step. It will also change one’s way of life. It gives you great pleasure and fun to welcome a paw friend into your home but please consider your responsibilities before taking in a dog.
Just some of the dogs brought in recently


Hari Raya Greetings:

To all our friends celebrating this festive season, we wish all a very Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri


Visits & Community Service
The month of May was filled with students from the Disted and KDU Colleges doing their community service. Isn’t it interesting to add color to the shelter? Thanks to the group of KDU Students who opted to paint a mural on the wall entrance to our dog and cat kennels.


Volunteer Briefing
Our next volunteer briefing will be held on 15th June at the SPCA premises. Time: 9 a.m. sharp.


Our appeal for sponsorship for the Calendar pages for YEAR 2020 was indeed overwhelming. We would like to thank all who have responded promptly to our appeal. To those who have missed the opportunity we promise to keep you informed for the following year.


SPCA's Wish List

1. Unpolished rice for our dogs. Do call us for details.

2. Wet food (pouch) for very young kittens.

3. Simparica chews for small and medium sized dogs preferred to prevent fleas & ticks.

Thank you.