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  Dear Members & Friends,


Good greetings to all!

We often witness  pet owners grieving when their beloved pets pass away. Most owners feel heartbroken and would dispel the idea of having another 'so soon' or not at all.

We understand that it would not feel the same in having another. Some would have the notion saying 'No more pets as it is heartbreaking to see them go'.

SPCA will encourage any caring and responsible pet owner to adopt/save another from the shelter to replace one who is gone if possible. Don’t deprive an animal from a shelter that needs a home.





Volunteer Briefing


Our next volunteer briefing will be held on Saturday 19th March. Please take note that we have changed the time and it shall start at 9.30 a.m. sharp for the March briefing only (back to 9am start from April onwards). Registration for attending the briefing is limited. We like to remind those interested to kindly make sure that the date and time suits you before signing in. Registration for briefings can be done here. Thank you.


Animal Adoptions

Our adoption in February wasn’t that rosy. We only had three cats and two dogs adopted. Many calls for surrendering are being received but sadly we are unable to accept as we have no place for them. Saying goodbye by sending them to shelters is not a solution. Your pet will undergo a lot of stress and will seem depressed. We urge pet owners to try other means of rehoming and give frequent reminders to pet owners that sending your pet into shelters will always be a last resort. Stay committed!



Community Service

What a good way to start your Monday Blues work week by volunteering at the shelter. We had the company of the staff from Clarivate.com offering their services at the SPCA on all Mondays during the February month. Our dogs and cats enjoyed their company and having them clean their kennels and catteries. The activities carried out were bathing and socializing with the dogs and cleaning etc. Our grateful thanks to the staff at Clarivate.com for their tremendous efforts.

Also we have 5 students from the SUNWAY University offering their service too.


Fundraising Campaign

At this difficult time, fundraising is not easy. We, at SPCA appreciate the thoughts of the Year 1 & 2 Semester 3 students at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Penang for their efforts in helping SPCA to raise funds online via the social media. Via our account at SimplyGiving.com, the following have made their pledges to meet their target which comes under Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism subject:

Diploma in Business Administration – Theme: LendHands4Paws (14.2.22-27.3.22)

Diploma in Finance and Investment - Theme: Bark For Life (14.2.22-27.3.22)

Diploma in Information Systems - Theme: Pet Paws Rescue (18.2.22-26.3.22)

Diploma in International Business - Theme: From Me to you-HOPE (14.2.22-25.3.22)

Diploma in Information Technology - Theme: Pawsome(14.2.22-27.3.22)

Diploma in Computer Science - Theme: Pawsitivity (14.2.22-21.3.22)

Diploma in Broadcast Communication - Theme: Pawradise - (4.2.22-19.3.22)


The above projects will end later in March and some have successfully achieved their required target already. We do hope the public will support their great efforts and help out with some who are still waiting for generous donors to help meet their required target. To support, please click on this link https://www.simplygiving.com/nonprofit/SPCAPenang and check "Our Fundraisers" in the right sidebar.



From our Adoption Families

It's always heartwarming for us to get news & photos of the pets adopted from us. With permission, we post these on our social media in the hope of encouraging others to adopt. If you are one of our adopters, do please submit updates on your pets to us for reposting. You can do this via our facebook or instagram pages, or email to photos@spca-penang.net.

This is Coffee, adopted from us very recently, now chilling happily in her new home - her owner says "She’s spoiled rotten and eats like a shark"!


SPCA Wish List

Here is our wish list for the month. To know more on how you can donate, please call the office at 2816559/0164166559.


Thank you all and STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY