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Edition: March 2020

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We welcome visitors to the shelter.
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Monday - Friday: 10am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 4.30pm
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We are closed on Sundays and some Public Holidays (please check website for details).
Our phone is manned 7 days a week until 7pm. Emergency calls will only be handled during daylight hours.

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  Dear Members & Friends,


What makes a good purr..fect and paw..fect pet owner?

Anyone who loves animals especially cats and/or dogs will see how very excited the animals are at their first sight of their owner. Pets provide the owner with companionship, comfort and unconditional love. Pet owners should in return be willing to commit and provide the best care. In addition, pet owners should be responsible for the animal's well being.

Not everyone around us can be accommodating and tolerant when pets have become a nuisance in their surroundings. We get many complaints on owners who are unaware of the sensitivity of their neighbors, thus problems arise. Common complaints that we should be aware of:

1. Never allow your dog to bark excessively (check on your pet to find out, perhaps help or training is needed)

2. Keep the place clean and do not allow foul smell from your pet.

3. Check on your pet for ticks/fleas to avoid infestation of ticks into your neighbor’s compound

4. Never allow your pet to roam all over. When you walk your pet, use a leash and always carry a plastic bag with you to pick up its mess. Try to avoid allowing your pet to urinate onto tires of vehicles.

This poor dog in Penang was recently slashed with a knife, supposedly due to the fact the dog frequently urinated on the perpetrator's car. The dog is under treatment now.

If you are a cat owner and allow your cat outside, try to prevent it from urinating or defecating in other properties. We often get reports from cat owners of neighbors taking their pets and dumping them elsewhere because they are a nuisance.
We also get reports of pets being poisoned by neighbors when they become a nuisance. Do practice Responsible Pet Ownership!


Adoption Highlights

We were able to rehome the same number of animals  as in recent months. Five cats and seven dogs left the shelter in February. Jilly the cat who stayed at the shelter for 15 months was finally adopted. The SPCA Team did not have the heart to release her after neutering as she is such a gentle, good looking and purr..fect cat who gave no problems to any of her meowy friends, staff and volunteers. It was worth waiting for her to get adopted. We share the same feelings too for two other long stay residents - dogs Abby and Gerty.



Another long stay paw friend 'BEZA' is still waiting for a good home. She’s been with us for almost fourteen months now. If you are looking for a good watchdog come visit her.


Happenings at the SPCA Shelter

In the midst of the spread of Covid-19 happening all over, we understand that everyone is being careful. This can be seen in the increase of cancellations of events. SPCA has begun to experience the same from groups which had made prior arrangement for community service.

In February we were fortunate to have the services of students from Disted College, KDU, Reliance and SEGI College fulfilling their hours of community service by helping out at the shelter. Our appreciation to all the students involved in choosing SPCA as their beneficiary.


Students from Disted College:


Students from Reliance College:


Students from KDU:


Our grateful thanks also go to students of Inti College. Student Jessica Lim and her team had organized a fundraiser for SPCA. A sum of RM225 was received.



Syiok Sendiri is back
We have been sponsored for some tickets for Syiok Sendiri 9 Power of Pombele! to be held on Sunday 8th March at 8.30 p.m. at Performing Arts Centre of Penang in Straits Quay, Tg. Tokong. Entrance fee is RM35. If you are a fan of live comedy shows come, support. Please call us (04 2816559) to book. We would like to thank our sponsor John S de Silva for his kind and generous contribution.


Volunteer Briefing
Our next briefing is scheduled for 21st March at 9 a.m sharp. We would like to remind those who had signed up to attend the briefing to be punctual please.


SPCA Wish List

1. Cod Liver Oil capsules

2. Dogs' rice, canned and dry food for cats and dogs.

3. Dust pan for feces disposal, lidi brooms & drain brushes for cleaning our dog exercise area.

4. Mosquito spray

5. CIF Cream Cleanser for our kennel wall tiles and other detergent for cleaning purposes

6. Any other form of donations in cash and in kind appreciated.

We say 'THANK YOU' to the supporters who answered our wish list plea made in February.