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Dear Members & Friends,


Greetings from the SPCA Penang!


It is hard to dispel the thought that this is not the 21st century when we still hear people calling our non-descript street dogs as 'pariah'. When one looks deeper into the meaning of the word 'pariah', it also means untouchable! Why would one call them 'pariah' when they actually are touchable! It has many meanings and depends on how one uses it.


However, it is now time that we educate ourselves to give our dogs a status; be it picked up from the streets or adopted from a shelter. Most probably, the majority of the public is unaware that they are named as a breed called Telomian (Malaysian Dog) or a Mongrel which is a dog that has no definite breed. Mongrels are of all mixtures of breeds, shapes, colors and sizes. They are all very unique in their own way. So remember, let's not insult them by calling them 'pariah'.




Volunteer Briefing


To the many who signed up and are waiting eagerly to attend our volunteer briefing, we apologize for not being able to conduct the one scheduled for 16th January due to the Movement Control Order. You will be reminded once the pandemic is under control. At the moment we have removed the registration form for the briefings from our website. We will re-instate this once we are able to run briefings again and have caught up with the back log.




Just a reminder


Even though the CNY celebrations will be very subdued this year, for sure there will be some fireworks. So please remember to keep your paw friends safe during this time. They can easily get scared by the noise.



Adoption Rate

The start of the year 2021 favors our dogs and cats. We had 18 dogs and cats who found homes in January, the highest for a very long, long period of time.


We are also happy to hear from many of our adoptees on how they fare in their new homes. To all the adopters who sent in photos and shared their happy moments with the animals adopted from the SPCA, we say thank you for giving them a second chance. Do please keep up with your responsibilities as paw parents. We hope our paws give you their unconditional love, make you laugh and help relieve you with any mental stress.



Dogs Abandoned at our Shelter

When one adopts an animal, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure that their welfare is seen to until the end of their life. Unfortunately, it does not happen for some who have taken the opportunity to dump them at places they deem fit and burden others with their responsibilities.

Below are two dogs, male shih tzu/terrier dog found in Teluk Kumbar and the other a malnourished male Doberman dumped in the early morning outside SPCA. Both dogs have medical problems and are currently under observation.

The Shih Tzu/Terrier mix before and after being shaved
The Doberman left tied to our gate


Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai
To all our members and friends celebrating the beginning of a New Year on the traditional Chinese calendar, SPCA wishes you 'GONG XI FA CAI'. May the Year of the OX bring you happiness, good health and good fortune. Do stay safe and stay healthy!


Just before the MCO began, we were fortunate to receive a group of friends from S’Perience who offered to provide their volunteer services at the shelter.

Many human and animal welfare NGOs are in need of funds at this tough and difficult time. We appreciate the kind gesture from a group of students from TARCU who have chosen SPCA as their beneficiary for a fundraising activity. Any form of support from the public towards this meaningful fundraising activity is gratefully accepted. You can visit their social media pages at:

Instagram: @pawxclaw__


Facebook : Paw X Claw




SPCA Wishlist

We have been appealing for Simparica and Nexgard chew tablets for our dogs. This is used mainly to get monthly protection against fleas, ticks etc. These products come in a few sizes depending on the weight of each dog. We hope our appeal for these is forth coming.

We never say no to any contributions that one can offer. Do call and let us know how you would like to help and we shall assist you. You can really make a difference!

Thank you