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Fostering Luna & Jimy

Fostering Luna & Jimy

My name is Charlotte. I volunteer for the SPCA Penang. Playing with the cats and the puppies, walking the older dogs and giving them all a lot of TLC. I had also signed up for fostering a pup or a kitten, when necessary.

Well, some months ago a couple of 3-week old kittens were found abandoned somewhere on the island and – after deliberation with my husband – I took them home with me. A bit hesitant at first, I had never taken care of kittens that young, I soon fell in love with the both of them. They were so tiny, wobbly and cute and very curious. The moment they climbed out of the carrier they started investigating the premises and after approval promptly fell asleep in my lap.


The first few weeks were a period of trial and error as I didn’t really know what was normal behaviour for kittens size XXS. The internet turned out to be a treasure of information, so we googled everything we didn’t know and learned as we got along. So we found out that little kittens have a stomach the size of a pea, become potty-trained the moment you put them on a litterbox, need 20 hours of sleep and loads of cuddles, but we didn’t need the internet for that! We agreed with the SPCA to bring them back after about 5 weeks, but decided to keep them 3 more weeks because they were such a joy to have around. Having 2 little kittens in the house is better then watching television!


Charlotte Meijer.