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Tasha’s Success Story

Tasha’s Success Story

My husband fell in love with Tasha when he first saw her. Not that we were especially looking for another dog to adopt…but little Tasha was one of a kind and after my husband told me about this little dog that was so absolutely adorable, I decided to go to Penang and see for myself.

Mike, my husband and myself (Valeska), decided to stay in Thailand 2 years ago because we decided to make a dream come true and rescue dogs and actually also a bunch of cats. With a medical background, we could both help first handed and so it went and we ended up carring and loving a quite impressive pack of dogs ranging from Mongrels to chihuahuas, and from a Neapolitan Mastiff to the feared and so badly misunderstood but in reality so wonderful american pitbull terrier.

When I came to visit Tasha I was very impressed by the good work the SPCA in Penang was doing. Everything was very clean and the dogs seamed all very well cared after.

First I didn’t see Tasha and I feared that someone had fallen in love with her as well. I was about to sadly give up when I saw her there in the very last kennel. She was very small, smaller then I had expected. I got into her kennel and fell in love with her. Instantly there was this connection that my husband had felt as well. I knelt near her she smelt me and layed her little head on my knees. She touched the bottom of my soul doing that and tears began to roll all over my face.I was sure that I was making the right decision in adopting her. That day Tasha became my little sunshine and no one will ever understand this intense bond, unless you have felt it.

I waited 4 days in Penang to get her ready for departure and finally, we were ready to go and Tasha happily jumped in our cab. Little did she knew at that time how strenuous our journey would still be.

We took the cab to the border, passed the Malaysian border and then the Thai border. And at that time Tasha wasn’t very compliant any more and she decided that it was enough. She wanted to go outside her crate – enough is enough she told me, I want to go out of that dumb sticky car.

But we had still a hell of a journey before our end destination Koh Samui. At the border we had to change cabs and 3 hours later we arrived to HadYai very exhausted. we had to stay 1 night at a “hotel” and after that we drove to Donsak by bus where we took the ferry to finally go by motorbike taxi to her new found forever home.

Tasha instantly bonded with our little Teddy, a dog we rescued in a very critical state, this state being long gone at that point. The 2 personalities matched 100%, so not only had Tasha found a home, but also her soul- and playmate.

It is a joy to wake up every morning and to see Tasha and Teddy playing together, running one after the other, laying their little heads on our knees, loving us and accepting our love. The story of Teddy and Tasha touched us very deeply and made us realise that life with a pack of dogs, even if a lot of work, is a blessing experience and something we wouldn’t want to miss.

We would like to thank all the team of the SPCA in Penang to have saved Tasha and taken so good care of her. Be assured that she is very happy and that her life will be filled with our deepest love, compassion and care.

Thank you
Valeska & Mike