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Salsa’s story – and comments on non-pedigree dogs

Salsa’s story – and comments on non-pedigree dogs

To all dog lovers,

I am writing to all dog lovers in response to a recent email by SPCA, regarding two dogs named Dolly and Gigi (sisters), who were abandoned by their owner for a pedigree bred. Below is our story of Salsa (pictured above) and our experience with a non-pedigree bred which has brought so much joy, pride and happiness to our home.

Duchess, our first dog, was always left alone when we were at work during the day. We felt that she needed company and decided to participate in a fostering program with SPCA to see if there was any other dog which would be a great company for Duchess. We were briefed by SPCA on the fostering program and which dogs were involved in this program, which was the “Sa Family”. There were 3 of them in this family and we were given Salsa to foster for 3 weeks. She was only 2 months old.

We were quite worried if Duchess and Salsa would be able to co-exists, and to our surprise, they became best of companions. Over the 3 weeks of fostering, Salsa tugged our heart strings and upon expiration of the fostering period, we could not find it in our hearts to give her back. We decided we would keep her and on the day we returned her back to SPCA, we adopted her (after a long lecture from SPCA that we had failed miserable as foster parents :-(). Salsa was legally ours …

Over the months, we decided for her to attend obedience training and had her enrolled. It was a ten weeks course with a practical exam for certification. I am proud to say that she passed the exam and is now certified for obedience (please see above picture). This proves that non-pedigree bred dogs can be trainable and is equally competent as pedigree bred dogs. Salsa is a true example of what a non-pedigree can achieve if owners are responsible for their “upbringing”. I hope my story will be able to encourage potential dog owners to consider non-pedigree bred of dogs as their pets. I truly believe that with care, love, patience and understanding, they are equally capable in every aspect to a pedigree bred.

Proud Parents … Michele & Jerome

4 January 2013