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How we adopted Smiley and the joy she gave to my family

How we adopted Smiley and the joy she gave to my family

I have an 11yrs old miniature pinscher at home and she is our little darling. Recently, she has shown signs of old age and has been sick on and off. My husband was very concerned that my girls and I will feel at loss if anything were to happen to her. So, at the end of august, he told me that it would be better to find a puppy soon. We decided to buy a Jack Russell or a miniature pinscher puppy but somehow or rather it did not turn out that way.

One of the mornings, I asked my daughter Catherine whether she is interested to visit the SPCA and she was excited as there are many puppies there. We could adopt one small breed if there is one available as we do not have a garden for the dogs to run. On top of that, we would also be able to save one life.


When we arrived there, Kogi, a staff of SPCA, took us around to see the puppies. It was an event that we will not forget as we fell in love with every puppies we encountered. They are all so loving. We can see the behaviors of those unwanted dogs somehow or rather are much better as they are not spoilt and pampered. They are lucky indeed as we can see that the staffs and volunteers at the SPCA are so loving towards them. We were confused on which puppy to pick but Smiley caught our attention! Why? Well, she was the ugliest looking dog over there as she kept showing her teeth to us with the growling sound all the time. Both of us were taken aback and were scared of her. It wasn’t love at first sight though! We asked Kogi why her behaviour was so ferocious but Kogi explained that she is actually a very loving puppy. The only setback of her is that her teeth protrude out each time she opens her mouth. In hokkien we will term her as “Ba Geh Kau”. She told us that because of this, she was not adopted earlier by a lady who was looking for a small breed dog. By the way, Smiley is a mixed miniature pincher. My heart dropped and felt heavy knowing that she would most probably be put to sleep as nobody will want to take her home. Anyway, Kogi also took us to see Smiley’s sister who is so beautiful and loving. After that, I told Kogi that we wil go home and think about which puppy to adopt.We decided to adopt Smiley as we know that she might not be adopted at all. Other puppies will have better chances of adoption.

I have no regrets at all taking Smiley home. Why I said so? Well, this puppy has become the beautiful princess since the first day she came to our home. There is no more the ferocious face but instead she will be smiling and wagging her tail to each of my family members every morning including my neighbours when taken out for her morning walks. She has given so much joy to all of us which we did not expect in the first place. I can see that every time my family plays with her, there is happiness and joy in the air. My youngest daughter Michelle, will always be looking forward to see her every day after school. Smiley will talk to her in her dog language making all the funny sounds 🙂 . She also looks forward for her evening runs with her. A very good companion indeed if you want to be fit. She can really run and I guess she is training my children for future marathon competitions!!!:-)

I hope that by writing this story about Smiley, it will help others to see that every dog in the SPCA is really looking for love in a new home. It is really a blessing for us to have her with us now. She is such a wonderful and smart dog who also respected my pinscher and never once tried to fight with her. She gave way to my pinscher, Eve, a bigger territory to wander. Eve will walk in and out of the house freely whereas Smiley will stay at the porch most of the time, guarding our home. Our doors are always open but she knows where she is needed most and only comes in when we call her.

She has been with us for one and a half months and already knows how to sit, shake hands, give high five, sit down and also wait for her food patiently.

So, to those out there who is reading my story about Smiley’s adoption. Well, if you haven’t adopted one yet, you should visit the SPCA soon as there are so many wonderful puppies waiting for you. You never know that doing small good deeds might just bring you big blessings in your life .Cheers to the SPCA staffs and volunteers for all the wonderful job they have done.